Tuesday, October 9, 2012

... late night yappings

So, it's Howie and Sherman that are the new chins.

Ok, so remember how I said I was getting texts from several people about Delilah?  Yeah, so one of them texts me again and tells me that it was her dad that was the other one texting me.  Yes, that's how genius these people are, have both mom and dad text me from separate numbers, and make me think I have 2 separate people interested in a chinchilla.  I know I was sleeping when they both texted me, but if I don't answer one text, texting me from a different number isn't going to make me answer any faster.  AND... making me repeat everything twice because you just couldn't wait for 5 minutes for me to text you back doesn't exactly endear me to you.  Cause I text long texts. 

So, I just got a text, 5 minutes to 1 am, from this person again.  She said she wanted to come look at all the chins for adoption.  So, I told her, only Posh and Delilah are available, and Posh isn't here right now, so the only one she could really come and see is Delilah.  So she says:

okay  .  no please save her i want her so bad . whenever you're free i would like to come and see her and take her home if i can

Which makes me think, first thought, like no one's listening to me about the care packet and adoption form.  So I tell her, I need the form filled out first, cause if I don't look at it ahead of time, she could get here and put down Kaytee food and a hamster cage and so on and then she wouldn't be able to take the chin home.

So then she tells me she hasn't gotten my email.  Which has happened before... but why wait 5 hours to tell me that?  So I told her to go online to the website and download the files.  Cause for sure they are on there (on the available chins page).  Anyway, the point here is, I'm not bitching about this girl specifically -- but why do people never tell me that they haven't gotten the file until long after they should have?  This isn't even one of the ridiculous cases.  I've had people where I've emailed a file, and like I told them, on the phone, give me 5 minutes and I'll have it sent to you.  Ok, so I go and email it.  I don't hear from them and 5 days later I'm calling/emailing them and "oh I never got the file."  Now, no doubt, some of them are just saying that, and never go on to adopt a chin, they just don't want to tell me they decided against it (which is a whole 'nother thing I won't get into).  But some of them that legitimately didn't get the file.... if I said I'll have it in 5 minutes... maybe I'd wait a day if I didn't receive it.... but surely not 5 days.  So for anyone reading this, if I say I'm gonna send you something, and you don't receive it, don't wait days upon days to receive it.  If you don't get it, check spam.  Attached files somehow put emails in spam a lot.  If it's not there, and it's been a bit of time, email me.

So anyway, this person is going to download them off the website and get them to me tomorrow.  Yay.

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