Saturday, October 6, 2012

Expo - Day 1 - Pics!

Ok, so the day was interesting.  Not a ton of people stopped by the booth, but a decent amount of people did ask what they were.  So I suppose we educated people as to what chinchillas are.  Had maybe 2 people where I think they may be interested in adopting, they said they might call us, so fingers crossed that they will.

Sold a hidey house to someone with a hedgehog, sold a healthy treat mix jar to someone with a chin, and sold a muncher's delight toy.  Worked out, for two people there 7 hours, we each made about $1.43 per hour.  Oh wait, if you figure in the hotel..... ah, nevermind.  Lol.  We definitely got some exposure, so that's always good.

Kind of a downer today in terms of donations.  Not like I expected to have our box full or anything, but not one cent.  Versus all the other rescues whose jars had not only $1's, but $5's and $10's.  Maybe people think because it's a small animal it doesn't cost as much to care for them?  I mean, I think it costs me more to care for the chins than it does for my dog.  She needs shots once a year and other than that is pretty healthy, but the rescue chins and other rescue critters.... not so much.  Ah well.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.   Something would be nice.

Educated quite a few people about chin care, so that was good.  Few more people in the world now that know how to properly care for a chin.

Ended up leaving the chins at the expo overnight.  Got permission, of course, but they would be much more comfortable in their cage than back in our room in a little carrier.  And so now, we're in the room and have the heat cranked up, which is nice.  And I'm sure the chins are much more comfortable with their hammock and water bottle and chew toys.

Took some pics today (there was a wild animal exhibit there for a bit).

NWI Chins booth

left side of booth

center of booth

right side of booth


Kandie (top) and Spice (bottom)

one of the rescue collies

another rescue collie - Annabelle
a dog there with one of the exhibits - Nisa, a Swedish Vallhund

a necklace I bought from one of the rescues

PINS Family Chiropractic - the place that sponsored us!
a woodchuck


skunk chillin' with handler

I got to hold the skunk!!

still holding the skunk!








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