Monday, October 22, 2012

Busy day?

Ok, not really a busy day, but several people did stop over to drop off some chins.

Thanks to a wonderful vacuuming last night, courtesy of me, the basement currently looks wonderful.  And I washed all the liners last night, so now that they're fresh, I took new pics to put on the website's chin room page.  But first...

Ok, so first off, I just had to share some of our pics taken last year.  Doll clothes courtesy of Joann (one of my volunteers who hasn't come by in forever, but is very very nice).  These are Toby and Winx.

...and moving on to other things. Took all of the invoices that I'd shipped out and updated my chin excel file, finally got Shimmy's baby added to all the files that record chins.  Marked down the most recent rat adoption and emailed the previous owner (who will be dropping off two guinea pigs tomorrow - Monday) to let them know.

Was at the feed store the other day, picked up 7 bags of chin chow, and one of those critter space pods for Jim.  He wanted 2, but they only had one, so I can only do so much.

We were at the Forest South Animal Hospital's adoption event yesterday, in University Park, IL.  One of the foster homes for Cry for Help Rescue (a dog rescue) saw Shiloh (our prairie dog) and we must have talked prairie dog for hours.  He used to have 7, but didn't have any at the moment.  He donated $20 to the rescue.  Thanks Rick!

So, went downstairs and one of my orders needed some shelves cut and everything packaged up so they could get a shipping quote.  Turns out shipping was $11.50, which wasn't bad considering the box felt like it weighed a ton (ok, ok, 15-16 pounds), so I emailed that person.  Hopefully I'll hear back.  She had wanted the order shipped to her, like at her house, by this past Friday... but she waited until Tuesday to give me the info I needed for the shelves, and one of the things she wanted was a chinny mobile, which had to be put together and dry.  Well... that takes 2 days, so assuming I'd gotten it all done and started on Tuesday... we'd already have been at Thursday.  But in reality, I ran out of wood, so I had to get that, and because of that, just got her order done today.  So I'm hoping she still wants it.  If she doesn't, no big deal, but now that I've got it all packaged up and the shelves all cut and all...  well, we'll see.

Then, I had an order from someone with a 21 year old chin -- they wanted a house that had a bottom so the chin could rest its feetsies.  So I told them, no charge for me to add a bottom to any of the houses.  So they picked the cottage house and I put a bottom on that.  So that's drying now.

Then, got an email about two houses, one of them being the cutout house, which I almost never make except for if someone's wanting one (though I should, and have a spare one or two), cause they don't sell very often.  Well, anyway, she wanted one of those and a standard hidey house with the window reversed to the other side.  Ok, so I cut the wood out for the cutout house, and glued the four sides of that together.  Rubberbanded it, and will wait til tomorrow to glue on the roof.  For the other house, I cut out the pieces, but didn't drill out the holes yet, that'll be tomorrow.

Got an order for this used hammock that came in with one of the chins, this huuuuge pink one.  For $3, someone wanted it, so kudos to them I guess.  So I packaged that up.

Also packaged up an order for someone who ordered the Mazuri flat rate and a dust pan.  Yeah I finagled and squeezed that dust pan into the flat rate box along with the Mazuri.

Worked on a lot of the chin ads today.  Reput up the ads for the mosaic female.  Fixed the ads to be current for the extra dark ebs.  Fixed the rat ad to reflect that we only have one female baby available.  Then went through allllllllllll the ads and all my saved documents for current ads and changed the website from to -- cause that "for sale" had been bothering me for awhile, cause in reality, usually the grand majority of what's "for sale" is rescues which are actually for adoption.  But I didn't want it to be "chinchillas for sale or adoption" --- I think "available chinchillas" works out good.  I hope.

Got dropped off a few chins today -- first was Lucy...

I hate to sound mean on the first day, but man is she giving me the stinkeye already.  She's cute though.  And the people wrote out this whole letter for her new adoptive home telling about her, her likes and dislikes, her chin spin (which will be going with her to her new home) and so on.  Sweet girl.  She's 8 years old.

Next we have Keeper & Melon.  Keeper is the mother, she's a standard grey, and Melon is the hetero beige.  They are 5 & 6 years old.  Sweet chins, don't have to go together cause apparently Keeper is super protective over her daughter... so for a family with kids, probably not a good idea to get them both.  So I have the ok to split them up if need be.

...and that little transport cage that they were dropped off in... I could see that potentially being useful... so that pan is totally going in for powdercoating.  They probably think I've lost it at the powdercoating place... I continue to find things to bring in.  And really, I should get that pan that goes in the melamine cage powdercoated cause it's already rusting, so that can be the next trip....

I made a liner!  (I know, I know, this blog is jumping around everywhere).  The other day.  So, I know that I'd talked about making a liner for the gp's since like forever.  Maybe not on here, but the people in real life heard me say it.  Well, I finally made it!  Turns out, I have enough actual fabric to make two liners, but I don't have enough of the inner terry cloth.  And because their cage is like 2' x 4', I need 4 yards (give or take) for two layers of terry cloth.  So, I'll wait for that to be on sale again.  In the meantime, they will have to stay in their current cage on bedding, because I don't want to put bedding in their new cage.  So hopefully I'm able to get more terry cloth on sale and at a good price soon.

Why fish?  I dunno.

I then went and fixed all of the picture issues on the Happy Customers page.  Boy was that a lot of messed up pics.  But I think it's done!!  If anyone sees a pic not linking or looking squished like they were, please let me know.

Emailed one of the people who was on my waiting list for a male chinchilla -- told her we have a male pair (that can only go as a pair, and asked if she was interested) -- she said that could work, and would check and get back to me.  So here's hoping.  Howie & Sherman aren't ready to go yet, but when I have chins that I think meet what someone's looking for (someone on the waiting list), I will email ahead of time, so that if that person isn't interested, I know right away and have more time to work on writing up the ad and such for the chins.  So we will see.

...and then I went and re-did the entire Chin-Room page.  That was a LOT of pics.  It now features our new setup (or at least, as much of it as will ever be up on the website).  It took so long to put the pics up there that I'm not going to do it again -- take a look for yourself -->

...and now that I'm fully tired, and have scheduled some additional people coming in the morning due to my being up til the crack of dawn and other people not knowing the meaning of going to bed early either.... now, I'm going to bed.

Oh!  But before I do, lookie what Jim snagged for the rescue the other day -- guinea pig cage on a custom made (and practically color matched) sheet metal stand.  The guy was asking $40 firm for it, but Jim mentioned donating it to the rescue and I guess the guy thought that was a great idea.

Screenshot of original ad:

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