Sunday, April 15, 2018


Sometimes you all are funny.

This happened a bit ago, but just remembered it now.  Had someone wanting to come see some geckos, and I asked if they were ready to make an appointment.  Their response:

Yes this Saturday mourning 9am if anything changes I will let you know

Which... if I was going to be home on that Saturday, and had that time open, it would have been fine.  But... I was leaving that Thursday to go out of town, and coming back the following Tuesday... so... I would not be around Saturday.

All I ask... is that you all think about what you're saying, and maybe ask, "would this work?" rather than just pick a day and time, and assume it's fine.  While some days I do only have one appointment, others I have people all day.  When you pick a random day and appointment time out of the air... you have no idea what I might be doing that day, what other appointments I might have, if I even might be in town... and so on.

For this person, I emailed back and explained, I would not be in town, specified what days I would be gone, and asked when else they could come.  It's not a big deal, but to me, it's courtesy to ask, "does this work for you?" rather than just specify that I'll be somewhere at a certain time.  That is all.

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