Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Pricing of Flat Rate Boxes

So... got an email a bit ago... someone wanted to know the mill date of the current batch of Mazuri.  I checked and got back to them.

They then asked, if they ordered more than one of the flat rate boxes, does the shipping rate change?

Here's how it went (myself in red, them in blue):

The 11 pounds ships in a medium flat rate box.  I can actually fit about 14 pounds in that box if it's stuffed to the gills... if you wanted more than that, I can fit more in a large flat rate box.  I'm not sure if I could fit two of the 11 pound packs, but I could see if those would fit if you'd like?  The next larger flat rate box is $20 to ship and is the one that would fit more weight... not sure about 22 pounds, but like I said, I can check if you'd like... just let me know :)

      I am looking at shipping rates per 11lbs thereabouts.  I can only take per shipment at 11lbs thats why.

Whats the best shipping rate you can do per 11lbs ?

The flat rate box is the best price for 11 pounds.  Even shipping a 5 pound box a state away costs more to ship because of the weight.  It’s $28.50 for 11 pounds of the mazuri and shipping 

Then its ok. its makes no sense for me if the pricing is as such.

Thanks !

.... in case you ever wondered, when people literally order 5 pounds... it often costs $11-12 to ship that (and that's in a box that's UNDER 12 x 12 x 12... so lower shipping rate)... even more if they're on one of the coasts... versus I charge $14.75 to ship a medium flat rate box... which can fit up to 14 pounds (11 pounds being what is available online in the webstore).  So... there's totally no point to just ship 5 pounds, when for an additional $3 in shipping, you can ship over double that.... but as I'm sure you can guess, if 5 pounds ships flat rate for $11-12... figure that 11 pounds... while it won't be double the shipping cost, it'll STILL be more than $14.75.  So basically, this person said... so I see what your shipping prices are... but make them cheaper for me, ok?  Don't get me wrong, they were nice about it... but we're not talking about something that I can stick in a bubble mailer instead of a box, to lower weight, and try to lower shipping cost... we're talking about an 11 pound package.  I can only do so much to make it cost-effective for people to buy...

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