Monday, April 9, 2018

People's Opinions

An interesting day in the life of me....

I talked with one person the other day, who called to put down a deposit on a chinchilla... and will be putting down a deposit on another this upcoming week.  We talked today on the phone, and she said about how she was thrilled to get them from me because I'm a reputable breeder and she knows that I'm caring for them well and using and selling safe products and all that.  She said that several times, made me feel good.

Like all good things, that was short lived.

Then I got this form submission through my website:

Let me start off by saying... no one wants the chins?  I re-homed 250+ last year.  Just today, I've had people put deposits on four, I'm waiting on someone to put a deposit down on another two... yeah, no one wants them.  For sure.  😉

Moving onto the hedgehogs.  Apparently I stole them from the wild or something.  I mean... I MUST HAVE, why else would this person be so adamant that I should be ashamed (surprise, I'm not) that I have hedgehogs up for adoption.  That's about my only guess, because short of taking them out of the wild... I mean... what's so bad about re-homing hedgehogs?  They were surrendered to the rescue by someone who was unable to keep them.  They were both captive bred, out of captive bred parents, out of captive bred parents.  Whether anyone agrees with it or not... hedgies have been pets for years!  They would NOT survive if you set them out in the wild.  So, I'm re-homing them.  Shame shame, how HORRIBLE of me!  😁

Mind you... even the person from earlier today... we exchanged a few emails about which chins she was wanting, where she asked about how the deposits worked and all, but I didn't put anything in their drink or anything, they just made all the nice comments after viewing my website and all.  Second person views the website, and tells me I should be ashamed of myself, and clearly doesn't think highly of me.  They saw the same website, nothing major changed over the course of today.... completely different opinions on it / me.  Interesting, isn't it?

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