Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Reading... A Super-Useful Skill

I rarely don't answer / return a phone call or email.  But... there's some special ones.

If you suggest to me that you have no reading skills or no reading comprehension... you may be one of the ones that does not hear from me.  If you can't seem to grasp the first paragraph, or heck, something in the TITLE of the ad... there's not a snowflake's chance in hell that you will make it to adopting. 

Case in point:

Now... that chin already found a home, so I'm unable to bring up the ad again to show you the ad, in addition to what I have above, but I can tell you, that in the top paragraph of the listing, that it said, something along the lines of, we have a 7 year old male chinchilla, yadda yadda, he was born in this year, yadda yadda.... so if they looked at anything, anything, ANYTHING other than the picture... somewhere, they would have run across how old this chin was.  

Sorry, not worth a response.

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