Friday, April 6, 2018

Mosaics... More Terminology And...They Change Color!

So, we talked yesterday about mosaics and how they can be different shades and all that, from more or less solid white to silvery.

Did you know, there is such a thing as a mosaic for just about every color?  There is! 

Sometimes they are called different things, but here are the terms:

beige mosaic aka pink white
beige mosaic w/ ebony aka tan white aka white tan aka ebony pink white
ebony mosaic aka white ebony
violet mosaic aka white violet
sapphire mosaic aka white sapphire
blue diamond mosaic aka white diamond

...and so on so forth.  I heard there is such a thing as a black pearl mosaic... not sure if there really is, but they call it a white pearl.  There also could be (dunno if anyone's bred for) a white goldbar / goldbar mosaic... and so on so forth. 

We talked yesterday about how people sometimes want a mosaic chin cause of it's pattern or the way it looks.  Those patterns do change, their entire life!  I had one that originally had an oval-shaped spot on her back... by the time she left, it shrunk to about half it's size, and was more like a circle.  I can't find pics of her (you can only imagine how many chin pics I have saved), but I DO have pics of one of our white ebonies.

This is H74, a white ebony curly carrier.  He was born 9/30, and these pics below were taken roughly at 3-4 months old:

Cute, eh?  Anyway, I took pics of him a few days ago, he is now 6 months old (so figure, he's roughly doubled in age and size since the first pics):

Now, I'm not saying that you can't tell that's the same's not like he turned white or turned black... but I apparently haven't had him out in a bit, and it kind of surprised me how he's darkened up, especially on the face and over the back.  They change.  So, just keep in mind if you fall in love with a certain pattern... it may stay the same... or it may not... there's just no way to know.  But they always keep us guessing!

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