Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Spending Less on the Pet, More on Supplies

So, I know we talked about this in one of the previous blog posts, about how some people would rather spend less on the pet, with the thought that they would rather spend the money on things for the pet, rather than on the pet itself.

I totally have no problem with this, in that pets, whether we're talking about a dog, cat, chinchilla, rabbit, whatever... these animals all need "stuff."  They all need food bowls / water bottles, food, treats, cage / crate, toys, you get the idea.  Nothing wrong with wanting to spend more money on their stuff than on them.

The only thing about this that can be irritating at times (and other rescues I've talked to have echo'd this) is that often people want the animal with the highest adoption fee... and want it lowered, because they say they are going to spoil it.  Personally, I hope everyone who adopts, spoils their new pet.  I'm sure they are all cared for.  To what extent they have every toy under the sun, I'm sure that varies.

But there's nothing inherent in saying that you're going to spoil the pet, which will reduce the adoption fee.  For dog rescues, it seems people often ask this about puppies.  But the people are going to spoil them!  So they should be able to adopt for a $50 fee (like for seniors), instead of the $150 fee for puppies.  I've even heard from some rescuers that they've suggested to some people, if they'd like to stick to a $50 fee, they're welcome to adopt a senior.  Oh, no, they want a puppy... but for the $50 fee, cause they're going to spoil it.

Of course, I acknowledge, there's different reasons for different fees.  We also have different fees for the babies vs. adults vs. seniors vs. special needs.  Nothing wrong with that.  But I guess what I find weird about this... are people wanting to adopt an animal... and ignore it?  When these people say, oh they're going to spoil it, and would rather spend money on things for the pet, rather than the pet.. the other side of this would have to be... that other homes are adopting and not spoiling them.  I mean, right?  Is the assumption that other people are spending their last dime to pay the $250 adoption fee, and now don't have money for any supplies?  Gosh, I hope not!

I personally hope (and I imagine this goes for all rescues) that the people wanting to adopt pets have money... not only for the pet, but also for appropriate supplies for the pet, and also a way to pay for veterinary care, if / when needed.  Care for most animals doesn't have to be extravagant.  If you can afford specialized treatment for your pets if they have some illness that can be cured by throwing a lot of money at it, great.  But really... providing for the pet's needs is really all we (rescues) ask.  Spoil them if you want, but just care for them, so we don't have to.  That is all.

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