Monday, April 2, 2018

Deposits on Orders... Part 2

So, in case anyone was wondering about what ever happened to this person who had the scatterguards, back from September 26th when they ordered them....

.... refer to this post -- here -- for the backstory...

So that post was written on February 11th, and I had responded back that day.  Wanted to give you a quick update on how that went:

I did get a response back on February 12th, saying she could come get them soon, especially if I didn't mind her coming later at night.  Got another email the following day (must have missed the previous one... you know me, never caught up), asking again when I was free for the rest of the week so she could come pick them up. 

I emailed back the following day (which was a Thursday), and told her my availability for Thurs / Fri / Sat / Sun.  I asked when worked for her.  This was the 15th.

Heard nothing... so on the 19th (Monday), I emailed again, updating her on what days I was available that week, since the days I'd mentioned had passed.

She emailed back, saying she'd gotten the available dates too late and was already booked up.  She asked if I'd be available that weekend, and I said I would be back in town sometime Saturday, but for sure all day Sunday.  She responded that we should plan for Sunday night, and she would email me Saturday to confirm.  This was the 19th.  I respond back, saying I would watch for her email.

Fast forward to March 5th... no email.  I send her an email saying that it's been two weeks and I hadn't heard from her, so I wanted to check in, yadda yadda.  She responds that she really wanted to pick them up the other weekend, but didn't hear from me.... uh-huh.  I emailed back to every email she sent, except for the beginning of Feb, where she sent two emails in a row before I saw them.  Anyway, she asked about that Sunday possibly working.  I said it would be fine for me.  Fast forward to that Friday, and I still had not heard from her (the 9th), and so I emailed and asked, checking in on whether she was still planning on Sunday.  She said she was almost positive she could come out, but she'd let me know for sure the following morning (Saturday morning). 

Sunday around noon rolls around, and I realize I haven't heard back, so I send her an email, saying maybe I missed an email, so I just wanted to check if she was still wanting to come on that day.  She tells me something about some problem with her getting paid at her new job, so she can't come that day... how about Thursday?  That Thursday I wasn't going to be here due to one of the National shows, so I let her know and I told her what day I'd be back.

She emails back and says she can come the day after I get back.  So I email her and ask, so Thursday the 22nd?  I tell her how Thursdays are my day for dog class, and that I leave here around 3, so she'd have to come before or after.  This email was sent on March 11th.  Fast forward to March 19th, still hadn't heard from her, so I emailed her again, checking in, and asking if Thursday still worked.  She emailed back, saying Thursday did work, but if something crazy came up, then Sunday for sure.

Thursday, I get an email that basically says... something crazy came up.  Imagine that.  She says she will head out Sunday in the afternoon.  I asked what time, mentioning that I want to make sure I'm home and on weekend evenings, sometimes I need to run out for things for a bit.  She replied back with a time, saying it would depend on how long her errands take (nice to know I'm last on the to-do list, haha), and so I gave her my cell number and asked if she could text me when she's on her way, so that I'd make sure I was home (and if I wasn't, I wouldn't be far and could head home). 

Amazingly... she actually showed up on that Sunday (March 25th) and got her stuff.  Only took 6 months!  But the scatterguards are gone and I am THRILLED!! 

It's not that they were even so big... it's just that every time I'd go to clean up, I'd see them and I'd realize they hadn't been picked up yet... one of those mild annoyances.  But NOW THEY ARE GONE!  YAY!!!

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