Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Rescues Helping Rescues

I know I have interesting opinions on stuff, often... but there are plenty of great people around as well.  Unfortunately for them, there's not usually as interesting stories to tell about them, and the stories are much shorter.  They go something like this --

Hey, I met this great person, we had a great chat about chins and our mutual hate of PETA, and they asked for more pics of two chins, so I sent them a video of each of the two chins... they had a hard time picking, so I said, forget picking, get both... so they put down a deposit on both. 

That's a lot shorter than some of the bad-potential-adopter stories, eh? 

But really, there are a lot of great adopters and adoptions that go perfectly smoothly.  There's also other rescues that reach out to help, when possible.  I got in the geckos due to someone I know, knowing someone else, and suggesting to that person that I could take them in.  You know, people recommend people they like and know.

Other times, I post something and get comments.  Not always the most useful comments... I'm sure you've heard me talk about how I post rats, and sometimes (ok, often), I get emails saying they think my color description is wrong, or I shouldn't have them on wire, or this or that.  It happens.  They mean well, but it doesn't always come off that way (or that's what I tell myself, at least).

But sometimes, people reach out and are super helpful, and word it in a nice way, rather than a "you idiot, you're doing it all wrong, how do you not know this stuff?!?" way.  Case in point.  I listed the hedgies and a few days later, I received an email from Elaine at the Roanoke Rescuer Hedgehog Welfare Society & International Hedgehog Association.  The email went something like this:

Please print out a care sheet for the new people, to help Bella and Spike get proper care from the start: Under Health/Education, scroll down to care sheet or We have FAQs, adoption applications, vet list, rescue stations, links to other hedgie info. sites, plus yahoo and facebook chat groups for any questions as they come up. You can also use the International Hedgehog Association site for similar info: There's also FREE e-book with up to date care info on lots of different specialized issues: Please email if you or the new people have any questions! Thanks, Elaine, Roanoke Rescuer Hedgehog Welfare Society and International Hedgehog Association

How nice!  My response:

This is Ashley with NWI Chinchilla Rescue, we're the ones with the hedgies available on petfinder.  You sent me some info and links to different hedgie information pages.  Thanks so much!  I actually have compiled a care packet of my own, but of course, very happy to have additional (good) sources of info, as there's always places with conflicting information out there!  I made sure to add the links you provided into the links section of the care packet that goes home all new hedgies, which potential adopters also are required to review, prior to adopting or even filling out an adoption form, for that matter.  I will keep your info, should I, or the new potential owners (when the hedgies get adopted) have questions.  Thanks so much!  

It is good...  you know I talk about it all the time with chins... there's so many sites with conflicting (and clearly wrong) info out there... it's good to have legit links, suggested by someone who knows.  Sometimes when you just google something, the first sites to pop up aren't always the most reputable... but there's not always ways to know that.  So, help is always appreciated.

Should someone have hedgie questions, her email is up there, as well as the links, and I have added them into the care packet.

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