Monday, April 30, 2018

Being Considerate... Again

So, it's now been a week since this happened, so I figured I'd post about it.... I am aware that I just posted about being considerate... but it's clear that many people are not considerate... and I wanted to share another instance with you, of someone who took the cake for being inconsiderate.

March 2017 and August 2017, I got an email from someone.  They purchased some chins from a breeder to start breeding, and were up to 28.  They wanted to surrender 15 (March) and then 19 (August) to the rescue as they were overwhelmed.

I told them, I would need to wait until I had cages open for that many, but that I could add them to my waiting list.  I told them, it would likely take some time, as 19 cages (even the small, holding cages), is a LOT to have open at once. 

Fast forward to November.  I run across her on my waiting list, and while I didn't have 19 cages open, I had several half FN's, and I thought, I should ask her about if she can bring any cages, and what the breakdown is between males and females, and that sort of stuff.  So I sent her an email (all I had to contact her was email, no phone number or anything).  Time goes by, I never get a response to that email...

...until January 2018, when I receive an email from her, asking where they are on my waiting list.  I send an email back, actually letting her know that I did email her back in November, and telling her that I still need to find room if she's still wanting to bring them in.  She confirms that she is, so I ask, is she able to bring any cages with them?  Of course, she is not able to, so I tell her, I can't take them at the moment, due to that.  If she was able to bring even a few cages, I might have been able to scrounge up a few more and whatnot, but I can't come up with almost 20 cages on a drop of a hat.  She then says, they want to wait until Spring to bring them, when the weather clears up.  I ask what month she's thinking of, and she says April would be good.

Fast forward to April.  I just moved out about 20ish breeders, so I have a whole set of breeding runs open now.  I figured, good time to contact her, as all these cages would be baby-safe for the possibly-pregnant-females.  I reach out to her, and we set a date... last Saturday... from 4:30-5 pm. 

So, in preparation of this.  I clean out all 20 cages.  Scrub down the pans, scrub the cages.  Fill the pans with shavings, add toys to the cages.  Close off all the runs (sounds like no big deal, but when you're breeding, each cage has a hole that needs to be closed off (if you don't want them to breed), and I did NOT have that many close-offs, so I had to make them from scratch).  Washed feeders & water bottles, placed those on the cages. 

I suppose you can guess where this is going.... she never showed up.  I sent her an email, later that evening...


Didn’t see you today, are you wanting to reschedule to bring the chins by?  I need to know, so that I can still make sure I have cage space available when you’re wanting to bring them.  The cages being held open for you are most of my available cages, and I’ve had to add other people to my waiting list, so if you’re no longer wanting to bring them, let me know and I can move to the next people on the list.  

I should mention, I also currently have three double FN's open, as well as two other large cages, because I figured, if she brought a lot of males, or some youngsters, I could immediately put those into those cages, and just put the females (which would be on pregnancy watch) into the baby-safe breeding cages.  No response.  I give it a few days, email again:


Just checking in... I had you marked down for bringing the chins here on Saturday the 21st around 4:30-5, but never did end up seeing you.  Sent you an email that day as well, didn't hear back.  I hope everything's alright with you all!  

If you want to reschedule to bring the chins by, I need to know relatively soon.  The room I have open for them is actually space I cleared out in a section of cages that I am planning on removing.  If you're wanting to bring them by, I'll hold off on that, but if I don't hear from you, I hope to have those cages gone at some point, and then it would be really difficult (with those gone) to ever have that much available space again.  I don't want to remove the cages and then not be able to take your chins in, so I would appreciate to hear from you as soon as possible.  Thanks!

Trying to give her the benefit of the doubt... waiting for her to reach back out to me.  I sent that email above on the 23rd, today is the 30th.  Still no response... so I have called the next several people on the waiting list.

Here's the thing.  That is the honest to God truth that I am intending to get rid of those cages.  I would NOT have scrubbed them all down, filled the pans with shavings, added toys, added run close-offs, cleaned / added feeders / water bottles... if I didn't think she was coming.  Cause now, that's all for nothing.  I have since taken the bottles off and emptied the feeders.  I still need to get the shavings out of the pans (I will re-use for other pans, when I clean), and remove the toys, and so on.  But the thing is... that was all absolutely needless work.  I have people constantly asking me where their orders are, and so on and so forth... which I completely understand... it's things like this... time needlessly spent... that sets that all back.  And now, it's actually taking more work and more time to un-do the work I did, cause now, they can't be transported out, as they currently are, with shavings and toys and whatnot.

Would it really kill someone to respond to an email and say, hey, we found someone else to take them, or another breeder bought them all, or whatever?  Heck, I wouldn't even care if the email just said, "Hey, we had an appointment.  Not coming.  Don't need to bring them."  Notice, there's no "sorry" in there, no explanation, no nothing.  And honestly, that would be FINE, because then I would at least know.  Versus now, where I've spent over a week sitting on my ass, waiting to hear from her... I could have already HAD more rescues brought in to fill the empty FNs.  But apparently, she was not raised to be considerate and have the common courtesy to let me know that she wasn't coming.  I find this whole thing incredibly rude.  I don't need an explanation.  Just tell me if you're not coming, so I don't waste time prepping for nothing.  There's only me here, for the most part... I need to use time wisely.  THAT IS ALL.

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