Friday, April 13, 2018

Choices for Payment

This was actually kinda funny.  The other day, in the same day, I had two people who gave me options for payment... and so I said, ok, this, and then they said, they'd rather do this.

First one, someone wanted to put down a deposit on a chin.  They asked for instructions, and I asked how they wanted to pay, paypal or a credit card.  They said a credit card would be good.  Ok, so I told them, easiest to call with card info, so it's not floating around in cyberspace.  Their response... they didn't want to give their credit card number out over the phone.  And that's fine, but without the card in front of me... I gotta get the cc info somehow, to input, to run the card.  So, they went with paypal instead.

Second one, they needed to pay for a food / supply package that was going out.  They asked if I'd prefer Zelle (a bank to bank transfer) or them calling with a credit card number.  Now, I've had a few people ask about using Zelle before, and someone did try to send me a Zelle payment before... but something was wrong (like they spelled my name wrong, or something) and it didn't go through, so long story short, that person (back when) paid another way, so I never did get to see how it all goes.  But I thought, since this person had mentioned it (and mentioned using it before), I could use it and see how it works.  So I said, let's go with that.  Their response, "well, I think the better choice is credit card, I'll call you tomorrow."  So... why even ask which I'd prefer?

Here's the thing.  For the most part, I don't care how you pay, as long as you do pay.  If you don't want to give me your credit card number, that's fine, then use paypal, where I'll never see it.  If you don't want to use some other option, just don't suggest it.  Paypal, cash, credit cards... those all work great for me.  Of course, cash is king, and I'd prefer everyone pay with cash, but like in these instances... it doesn't matter...

Here's what you shouldn't do, when we're talking about payments:

The other day, someone sent me an adoption form for a specific chin.  This was right when the sale started at the beginning of the month, and all the chins were getting deposits... so I email the person back, letting them know their adoption form looked good, they were set to adopt, and asking when they wanted to come.  Day goes by.  Their response was that they'd have to check their schedule ( me... check it, THEN email back.. but whatever).  So I emailed them back and asked if they wanted to put down a deposit, and explained, I don't hold chins without a deposit (especially not during a sale, and especially not when other people were already asking about it).  A day passes after I send that email, they email back and ask how I'd like them to pay.  I tell them, I can do paypal or a credit card, and I give them my number to call me, and tell them, if they'd prefer paypal, let me know and I can send them an invoice.  Day goes by.  Another day goes by.  No missed phone calls, no return email.  Eventually, I emailed the next person in line, who was asking about that same chin.  Emailed them at 2:17 pm... had a deposit at 3:48 pm. 

Now, I'm not saying that everyone has to be that on-the-dot to get a deposit down or a payment to me.  Not at all.  That was exceptionally quick.  But here's the thing... if I'm waiting on a payment, I do appreciate some courtesy... like in this situation, if I tell you that I need a deposit to hold, that doesn't mean, let's wait several days to get it.  And as of now, I still have never heard from that person.  Again, common courtesy.  Like with the choices, mentioned above... don't want to pay a certain way?  Don't want to adopt a certain chin?  That's fine... just let me know.  Simple as that.

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