Saturday, August 11, 2012


So, I didn't post yesterday, so here's my post about yesterday.

So, did the usual chin stuff, checked on the chins.  The baby that I thought was going to pass -- she did.  RIP little sweetie.  :(

On a positive note, the mother is feeding the other two babies, and they are gaining weight.  Hallelujah.  (considering Lilly still has no milk for her own, this would have been a disaster).

So I got weights (the prior day) on the babies, mom, and the two "juvenile  males" -- which were a male and a female.  So I didn't re-weigh all the others, but the babies (the living ones) did gain, so that's positive.  Considering the one is TINY tiny that's really good.

Then, Meredith came over to help with some stuff.  We cut wood and cut out the holes and put together 4 houses.  Then, I had a whole (small) bucket and a gallon sized bag of the scrap wood that I'd cut up for toys, so we went through ALL of that and sanded the edges and drilled holes in the pieces.  Let me tell you, that doesn't sound like much, but that is the most dull, time consuming, mind-dulling part of making toys, sanding down all the toy parts.  So I was very happy we got that part done.  So, we had time to make some of the pumice and triangle toys, one of the fun chewies toys, and we got one of the critter's delight toys done before Meredith had to go. 

A big thanks to Meredith to coming over and helping with all of that!!

So, once she was gone, I made some more of the critter's delight toys, made some of the muncher's delight toys (which are horrible!  I'm allergic to hay and drilling through hay and creating hay dust -- omg I need a respirator).  Anyway, so I made quite a few of those, and then made quite a few of the anything goes toys.  Filled up all the toy drawers so I'm very happy with that.

Still planning on making some new toys, I just need to come up with some ideas (and somewhere to PUT them), but I do have some vine hearts so those will definitely get incorporated into some toys.  So we will see.  But very happy that I was able to cross off "make toys" off of the to-do list.

And now I have at least a few hidey houses.  I mean, they have to set and dry, but I have a few.  I know how many fit on each shelf (I bought this steel shelving unit on clearance for $25 at Home Depot this past winter) and so I have marked down to make enough to fill that thing.  Then I can cross off making hidey houses. I think I will also make some chinny-mobiles and chinny motorhomes, maybe like one of each.  They're not "in demand" but as anything, if I have it and can show it to someone, more likely to buy it than if it's "well, I can make this if you want to come back..." but we will see.

So that was about it for yesterday.

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