Sunday, August 5, 2012

... on a less crabby note... mid-year-ly report

On a more neutral note, all accounts are balanced, the chin account's doing alright, and vet fees haven't been through the roof this year.  There really is no mid-yearly report, just some statistics for those who wonder how it all goes down, moneywise.

  • We really should own stock in Home Depot.  Already spent almost $500 there this year.
  • Same with the postal service ~ $500.  Though this year we are doing better with not under-charging for shipping and screwing ourselves.  We currently are only at about a $5 undercharge.  
  • We have purchased over 750 pounds of Mazuri.
  • This year we had to buy a new table saw for roughly $150... only to get our old one fixed for $15 several months later (but it can't hurt to have two!).
  • Our biggest expense is supplies, which includes treats, shavings, chew toys, a few fleece accessories -- so far we are just over $1650.  This does not include the FN's-from-hell expenses which totaled over $600 for two used cages.
  •  Our total expenses thus far are just shy of $7000.  This seems a bit high, considering 2011's TOTAL expenses -- $7500.
  • The only "notable" sale item is that we have sold over 320 pounds of Mazuri.  With the exception of that, sales have been scattered across the board.
  • The more unusual pets dropped off included some gerbils and a pigeon.
  • Our most common drop-off animal this year has been rats (25) -- though this number is unusually high because we helped out an AWL rescuer and took in 14 rats at one point.  Next common is chinchillas (22) and then rabbits (7).
  • We had 35 chinchillas purchased/adopted thus far -- five have been returned (some re-adopted).
  • We have had 15 rats adopted thus far -- two of which have been returned (and re-adopted).
  • We have really cleared out our used cages -- sold 15 of them... only to have an adoptive home show up with more!  Lol (though we really do appreciate any and all donations).  
So, all that said, we have a positive amount in the rescue bank account, mostly healthy rescues, and even the ones that aren't haven't been sucking us dry lately, knock on wood.

We have quite the waiting list at the moment.  The person who's been on the list the longest is someone from January, who is looking for a baby white female.  If our two current babies ever decide to gain some weight, we might just fill that request.  The next person wants a white male -- again, once the babies cooperate...  As usual, there's more of a demand for whites.  This year though, we actually have people on our list for rescues (rather than just babies).

Assuming everything goes through without a hitch *knocks on wood*, Frederico & Georgie will be the quickest pair we have ever adopted out, as they already have a deposit on them and they're not even ready to be adopted yet.

That's about it for updates. 

I currently have several people who may be reading this thinking "get off the computer and email me about my order," ---->  for those of you that this applies to* -- since it's late, and there are other people living here... I cannot run the table saw at night, so... you will just have to wait.  My sincerest apologies.  If you'd like to pay for me to move to my own place, by all means, your order will get done significantly quicker.  Until then (and even then), this isn't Petco.  Stuff is custom-made and custom-cut here.  Please understand that that if you want an order that contains stuff I have to physically put together (and if your stuff needs to be glued, your order automatically takes 2 days longer), I have to put it all together, find a box, get it all packed in there, figure out shipping, and call/email you. And the reason I prefer email -- for those of you I have to call -- you wouldn't want to get phone calls at midnight, though that's often when I'm figuring out shipping.  This stuff all must get fit in my schedule with my two jobs, grad school, cleaning/caring for the pets/rescues, and actually leaving the basement every now and then.  So it may take a day or two. 

*this does not apply to people who have emailed/called once or twice, or who space out their calls/emails.  You are more than welcome to ask how your order's coming along.  But start calling/emailing several times every day after only giving me a day or two to potentially work on your order (assuming, of course, that there are no orders ahead of yours), and I'm sorry, but your order goes to the bottom of my to-do list, not the top.  I'm human -- you aggravate me, I'll do it even slower, and move onto the orders that aren't causing my phone to buzz across the table. 

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