Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Short today

Going to be short today, cause I'm tired.

We adopted out three rabbits today -- Carney, Fuzzball, and Thumper.  They went to a great home that has an 8'x8' pen for them and is just going to love them to death.  Very happy with the home.

The people who adopted the rabbits brought us one of those little plastic igloos as a donation for the rats/guinea pigs.  How nice, eh?  So they're up on the donations page, along with Meredith (who I finally got around to putting on there).

Had enough interest in Honey in the last few days that I took down the ads, put her on hold (for who? I dunno) and marked her as "adoption pending" on PetFinder.  So hopefully she'll be adopted soon as well. 

Didn't do anything to speak of on the supply orders.  I know, bad.  But I swear, the rabbit people left with the rabbits, I took a nap, got woken up a bit later, sat here and worked on revising ads and doing school stuff, and here it is time to go to bed again.

That may be it.  If it isn't, I'll write it tomorrow.

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