Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day-- gone

So, I don't know where the day went.  Like I feel like I woke up and bam! 2 am.  Except I know it didn't happen like that.

Cleaned up a bit downstairs, got a call from someone wanting to drop off a ton (and I mean a ton, like 20) baby rats.  Ok, so got ready two 20g tanks for them and got them dropped off.

Packaged up the order that I'd been dilly dally-ing on for awhile, sent the email saying what shipping would be, and received an e-check.  So once that clears, her order will go out.  Did not package up the food order that I got today (?) but I guess I will tomorrow.  Emailed back someone who was asking how they could pay (the wanted a hammock) -- haven't heard back yet.

Hadn't heard back from someone on my waiting list (had emailed them about a pair of young females), so I sent them another email -- did hear back.  Told them they had to read our care packet, fill out adoption form, yadda yadda yadda.  They said they had filled out the adoption form.  So, I go through my "wanting chins" folder in my email -- none of their emails (which I have ALL of) have an attachment, and I go through my physical chin folder, again, no adoption form.  So I nicely ask her to re-email it to me and send her pictures.  So here's hoping she gets back to me.

Gave Juno and Buddy a bath today.  Can't say they enjoyed it, but they did enjoy the attention.  Dried them well and looked them over, they seem to be healing nicely.

Noticed that two of the baby rats are blue dumbos, which Jim had wanted to know if we ever got in any blue dumbos, so I emailed him with pics.

Decided today was a good day to make a stand for the fridge.  So I did.

It looks like it's floating cause it's on casters.

where it is now (will be under a different table eventually, but needed it to be mobile)

with my magnets that had previously been on the garage fridge, where no one could see em

So after that, decided I could clean out the one FN that had been in use until recently.  So took the pans out, scrubbed those down, put those on the side for when the powdercoating place calls (they had said Monday or Tuesday -- here it is Tuesday night... ah well).  Then vacuumed out the cage again and cleaned it up a bit.  Put it back off to the side.

Then... on my to-do list I have had "FN - pan" as one of the items like FOREVER, cause I have this one really rusted pan that I did not want to wash.  I had started awhile back but never finished.  Well, guess what, I finished it!  It still doesn't look great, I mean, the rust isn't just going to come off, but I used like probably 1/3 gallon of white vinegar and scrubbed to death and it's halfway decent now.  aka -- it's as good as I'm going to get it before taking it to get it powdercoated.

Separated Lilly's babies.  Well, put the male baby with Winx, kept female with mom.  Cause despite their tiny tiny bodies... they are still 8 weeks old and can still get mom pregnant.  They are getting closer to 175 grams though, so once they do, I will have two people from my waiting list contacted to see if they want to get these cuties... if not, there's more people than that on the waiting list...

Got an adorable picture of Toby sleeping:

Oh, and added two pages to my printed-out products-for-sale book, the two pages have the rosebuds, hawthorn berries, and our healthy treat mix jar.  That was also on my list forever.

I probably did other things too, but right now I can't really remember.  I do remember crossing a decent amount of things off my list though so that's always a plus.

Oh, faxed in the rest of the forms for the Chicago Pet Show thing so we're set to go for that in October.  

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