Sunday, August 12, 2012

Last few days

So, over the last few days, had a good few days, for the most part.

On the 11th, Tallie and Lilly went to their new home.  Well, they were already there on trial run, but they came back for pictures and then officially went to their new home.  Very happy.  I was told that Lilly has stopped biting, which is awesome.  A lot of times it just takes some working with them and it's good to hear that's how it was in this case.  Very happy that these girls went to such a great home.

 And then on the 12th, Frederico and Georgie went to their new home.  I think this was the quickest we've ever had a pair adopted out.  Usually it's 3 months for a pair, but for these guys, they actually left a day prior to their month evaluation being done, because they were already on hold probably halfway through.  Very sweet pair.

Then got a text saying someone wanted to come pick up food.  So, they came and got 5 pounds of food.  For the life of me... I could not tell you if it was one of my adoptive homes or not, or if it was someone who'd purchased before or not...  Not that it matters, but I would think I would know!  But whoever it was, their chin now has 5 pounds of tasty Mazuri.

Then, got an email from Jim asking if maybe I wanted the address of the place he gets the shredded paper, to save him the trip from Lake Station to our house.... or he wanted to trade for hammocks.  Well, the shredded paper is ok, but I can't vacuum it up when it's super wet I just have to dump the tray, so it's not something I'd want to pay for... so I asked for the address, and he gave it to me.  It's right on route 30, so I should be able to pick up the paper on Mon/Tue/Wed when I'm already out in that direction, so yay!  Cause if it was really out of the way, it wouldn't be worth it either, but if it's FREE and I'm already out in that direction....

Then got some more random emails about chins/rabbits for adoption.  Had someone call the other day asking about Delilah and asking about chin care, and I told her the basics and I told her I'd email her our care packet and adoption form and she could read that and then get back to me with more questions.  Which she did.  The one thing she asked was if the chin could get up to 74 degrees in the summer because she "can't have it 70 or below like sheet says."  And like, my response was that yeah, they can, our basement gets up to 73 in the summer... but I told her, that's the hottest it gets, then the air kicks on and drops it back down.  So I told her, 74 is one thing... but if the air doesn't kick on til 78.... then you've got a problem.  If it's 74 and the air is running constantly to keep it at that temperature, that's one thing....  that wasn't her only question but that was the main one that would make everything iffy, so we'll have to see how her temperature is set up.  Cause if it the air kicks on at 78, she's looking at a very real chance of heatstroke, and no one would want that.

So then, the other day, I emailed one of the people on my waiting list.  We have this one chin, "Psycho," (who really is a sweetie, despite the name), and I had someone on my waiting list who wanted a rescue that was 2-3 years old or younger.  Well, Psycho is about 9-10 months old now, so definitely fits the bill, and so I emailed this person on the 10th.  Haven't heard back yet, but the new sales policy will be in effect here as well, though it will have an added caveat.  If I don't hear from her in 5 days, she will have an additional two days to get back to me.  If she does not, not only will the chin go back up for adoption (or to the next person on the list, whatever the case may be), this person will also lose their spot on the waiting list.  I can't have my time wasted by people who can't even be bothered to email me back.  It's fine if this isn't the chin she wants or isn't the chin she's looking for, but I told her (in the email) to please email me back either way so I know whether or not she's interested.  If I don't hear back after the 5+2 days, I will simply have one less person on our waiting list.

I feel like the same thing may happen for the second person on our waiting list -- someone wanting a white male that gets along with other males.  Previously, we had been talking about this and he had not told me whether he wanted a baby or a rescue.  He had said he'd get back to me on that, never did, and I eventually emailed him and asked if he had decided.  Never replied.  Regardless, I left him on the list because I told him that I would tell him when we got one or the other in.  Well, once those babies grow a bit more, I will be emailing him and letting him know that we have a white baby mosaic for sale if he wants... but we'll see if I hear back this time.  If not, I have other people on the list who will gladly snatch him up.

Didn't really get much done today other than this stuff.  Was working on the paper like a nutzo, trying to finish this week's section and make corrections to the previous sections which the professor had emailed comments about.

Thanks to my dad coming home early due to odd circumstances, I was able to go to the farmer's market today (not like I couldn't have gone without him, but we always go together and take the dog).  Got two nice bunches of kale, some romaine, and 5 green peppers.  I realized, upon getting home, that we had little carrots, so my mom chopped up some of those for the rabbits, I chopped up some of the green peppers for the g-pigs and cut up the rest of the cantaloupe from back when.  So now the fridge is full of goodies.

Oh.  One pet peeve for any of you hand-writing something out for me.  I need to be able to read it without scrutinizing it for 20 minutes.  Case in point -- I was attempting to email one of the people who dropped off their pet here, to let them know it was adopted, I came across their email written on the surrender form.  The email part was legible, but the @_________ -- not so much.  It's .edu, I got that part, but at first glance it looks like SLVE.  But there is no, so moving on.  Thought SIVE, as another I in the email isn't dotted.  Nope.  Was sure that the V was a V, as there is a U in .edu and the V didn't look like the U in edu.  THEN finally realized it was SIUC, even though there's a loop on the C which makes it look like a lowercase "e", but not as big a loop as on the "e" in edu.  And there is an 

Now, in this case, I was able to figure it out, because there is a Southern Illinois University website.  But if one of you gives me an email with an @ website that I can't figure out... sorry but you will never be hearing from me again if all I had was a phone call from you and that number didn't happen to get written down anywhere.  And I will say -- I do not usually write down phone numbers for people who surrender their pets.  Not because I don't want to call them, but because I usually want to be able to email them and send them pictures of their pets while they're here... which means if your email is illegible, I likely don't have your phone number, so short of you contacting me (which some of you do, to ask how the pet is doing), I am not have a way to contact you.  And looking you up on facebook only goes so far if your name is written illegibly as well.

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