Sunday, August 12, 2012

Some people frustrate me.

Good things did happen in the last day or so and I'll post about those, but first I just HAVE to post about a recent email.

So, I had some people email about Honey, one of the rabbits we have up for adoption.  So, this afternoon, about 1:30, I get an email from this lady asking for me to call her about Honey.  I told her I was busy at the moment and couldn't call, but I could answer any questions she had by email (my class papers are due Sunday night, so short of appointments made ahead of time, I'm not really "free" on Sundays).  So, I emailed her saying that if she was looking to adopt, we had a care packet and adoption form she'd need to look at, and asked if she wanted me to email them to her.  So she said sure, send them!!  So I did.  So all of this was all together in about 15 minutes around 1:30-1:45ish.  So, don't hear from her, and I'm really not thinking about it cause I am working on my paper (recently finished) and then I get on the computer again and look at my email and she says:

I thank you for sending me the application. I have found exactly what i needed from a breeder, i just couldn't say no. I hope honey finds another great home, she seems lovely!!! :)

So... exactly what was the point of me doing that?  Like if she wanted the care packet she could have just asked for it, but like what was the point of saying oooh I like your rabbit I want to adopt it, and then running to a breeder?  Like I just don't get it.  And she "found exactly what she needed"?  This isn't tax preparation software, it's a rabbit.  Omg.  Just frustrated right now with people like this.

Will post again in a bit once I get some of my papers and files in order.

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