Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 1 of the Re-arrange

So, today was the first day of re-arranging the set-up.  I've been talking about it forever but today I actually started.  So, I put all the shelving back in the pink zebra cage, and decided Toby can have it.  For anyone who knows my gay chin, it fits Toby perfectly.  He loves it.  So I did that, got that cage setup, put him in there. 

Then decided that since I have the pans ready for Winx's CN, I should do that next.  To avoid the problem I had with the other cage (which was forgetting where all the shelves went), I removed the chins and glued on the poo-guards while the shelves were still attached.  See, smart.  So Winx and his little buddy are cramped in a run right now, and so that Myshkin wouldn't get any ideas, I closed him in with one of his females.  So now I have two angry males.  Ah well.  The shelves need time to dry and when I go down there next, Winx and the baby can have their cage back.

I was going to start on my pink white fluffball's cage... I had actually closed of the top and was going to do the poo guards for the bottom shelves... but then I realized it was like almost 11 at night, and you can hear the saw outside the house, so it would probably have woken people up.  So that's for tomorrow. 

So, since I moved Toby into his FN, I was able to remove his double cage.  With that removed, I scooted down all the other cages and just moved one of the small ones to a side table and I was able to pull away one of the 8? 10? feet tables.  That table is my dad's and he is getting it back.  So in it's place went Winx's CN and Toby's FN, and next will go the other three FN's when I get them poo-guarded. 

Went through a lot of the stuff that was under the tables in the boxes.  Put some of it on the shelves under the cages.  Can't say I love the way that looks, but I lose all my under-the-table space by replacing the table'd cages with FN/CNs, so the stuff has to go somewhere.  The remaining stuff I semi-organized, but going through it all is for another day.  I went through everything on the bottom shelf of my run-stand and now there's different stuff there than there was before.  I need to go through my two plastic chests-of-drawers cause I know there's junk in those that can either be sold or that I don't need. 

Now that I'm actually moving all of this stuff... I don't know where I think my tables of cages are going to go.  The four FNs/CN are going to take up most of the wall, I doubt there'll be room for a 6' table (all mine are 6' -- the family is getting back all their tables) next to the 5... well, I guess this just means we will not be taking in a gazillion and one pets.  Not a bad thing, the less pets, the more time each gets, and we will still have spare cages, but I can definitely part with a few more once I get all the FNs up and running.  So far, only have three, the fourth is sitting on the side waiting for me to sit down (er, well...) and put the fleece accessories in, and the fifth has no shelves or anything so that'll be a whole project in itself.  Though at least for that one I will poo-guard the shelves BEFORE I put them in the cage. 

So the other liners we have... one is a tie dye blue, the other is zebra print.  I'm still waiting for my leopard print to come in (from February... hate to say it, but it's one excuse after another... "oh it'll be done this week..." when I don't get it "oh I was sick in bed all week."  The latest thing I've been told is that she had a stroke and was just getting back to using her body... now, don't get me wrong, I have no doubt that these things could be happening... but this is someone relatively around my age, who posts on her facebook page every couple of days.  So I'm a bit iffy.  And I really do want my leopard print set, but I figure I'll just have to keep bugging along.... this was $90 worth of stuff, I'm not just going to forget about it.

But anyway... so with the two pink cages, the powdercoating place only had this fleshy pink which I was not crazy about (it was an eww color) so those pans are black.  I got the pans for the tan/blue/green striped cage done in a bright grassy green.  For the blue liners, obviously a blue pan.  I'm debating what to do for the zebra cage though.  I mean, it's not costing me any more to get a pretty color versus black, so I may just pick a fun color and have the pans be like a neon orange or something.  I dunno.  Maybe I'll bring my mom with me so I don't pick something too nuts, but I like the color aspect of it, and with the liners being white and black, I think I can add some color to that cage. 

That may be it for now.  Tomorrow I'm hoping to move Winx and his buddy back into their cage, move miss-crabby-pants into that run, do the poo guards for her cage, and maybe get started on the one FN that has the shelves and just needs the fleece stuff put in.  We'll see what else goes on tomorrow, got two supply pickups.

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