Friday, August 3, 2012

Missing a chin...

We are missing a chin. Daisy.

When I think back to the last time the cage was was when I had several people over for rats at once, including one disrespectful teenager who wanted to pet a lot of the animals. I remember him opening Daisy and Delilah's cage and I said something about them being hard to catch, but something took my attention away from that. Next time I looked the cage was closed.

Well today, down there feeding and I realize Daisy is missing. Looked quickly for her, but it's after 3 in the morning, I'm looking in the actual daytime.

Here's the thing though -- if she got out, if he picked her up and dropped her -- TELL ME. Don't make me wait 2 days to find I'm missing a chin or I will be super pissed that you didn't tell me.

I texted the guy, asked if the chin got out or if she was dropped or what. Cause the door was securely closed so there's no other way she could have gotten out. It's a QC- those latches are difficult for me sometimes.  Nothing yet, but it is 3 am.

One thing worries me. They all really wanted a black rat. Daisy wasn't black, but she was a med ebony and looks darker than she is cause of the poor lighting. I hope they somehow didn't sneak her out. I hope that we find her down there in the morning.

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