Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another good day

So I actually got stuff accomplished today.  I know, miracle right?  The streak has to end.  But not yet.

So, started out the day by calling the powdercoating place and nicely asking if my pans were done.  They had said Monday/Tuesday, I didn't get a call, and I'm impatient (to say the least).  So, they were done, I went and picked them up.  Dropped off two more pans that I'm getting done a nice green color.  Pans look good btw.  Like the guy said, you can see where the rust was on the one, cause it's not completely smooth, but oh well.

I got there, the guy was in a meeting, so he said this lady would do up my bill.  So she does up my bill and I ask her if there's something that I shouldn't use to wash the pans.  Total deer-in-the-headlights.  Went and got the guy, I felt so bad for dragging him out of the meeting, but he was real nice about it.  He said ammonia could be used, bleach could be used (but to rinse, because there could be a residue), so basically, I don't need to worry too much about cleaning them because I don't use anything nearly so abrasive.  And he told me to use a softer abrasive pad and he showed me this white pad and he said it's less abrasive than the green scrubber pads and then he had to go and so he gave me the pad for free!  :)  So that was nice.

So, I get home, put two of the pans in the pink zebra cage, put the liners in.  Got all the shelves and made poo guards for them, so those are drying on the table now.

Was going to do Winx's cage with poo guards, but then I realized I'd promised one of our adoptive homes that I'd work on a shelf/supply order for her to pickup Thursday/Friday.  So it's like a $200 order and has a cage, shelves, a hidey house, lots of stuff, so I built the hidey house first (so it could have the most time to dry) and then did the shelves and everything.  Didn't get the cage or the water bottle out, cause by that point I was effectively wheezing enough that I had to go upstairs, but those will only take a little bit.  Messaged her saying if she can pick up everything but the hidey house tomorrow but if she waits til Friday she can get it all (she's like 5 mins away so its possible she may come for everything but, I don't know).

So, for anyone wondering, 10 rats in a cage go through approx. a water bottle per day.  Holy cow.  And my lone male rat keeps digging out his feeder... so guess what?  He's just going to have to eat his spilled food cause I am not putting more in.

Unrelated to anything, but Toby had his tail sticking through the bars of his cage today and I SO wanted to pull it... lol... I resisted, but omg.  I was standing there laughing.

And then my pink white fluffball was sleeping on her pillow today.  So cute in sleep, so evil in real life.

So, in real life, this pretty princess sprays me just about daily.  So today, we worked on that a bit.  Played "spray or cheerio?"  Funny, I've never given her a cheerio before, but after the first spray (and she did get me, they have good aim), she decided the cheerios won out.  Need to break the habit before she gets too old (she's.... 4 months? 5 months?  I don't want it to become a bad habit the way Dreamz has an attitude problem).  She did pretty good today.  We'll see what she remembers tomorrow.

So, as for Honey... I never did hear back from the person who had her on hold and had emailed me the adoption form and everything, and, speak of the devil, the person next in line emailed me today asking what's going on with Honey, so I emailed her back letting her know Honey is now up for grabs.  So here's hoping that I hear back from her.

As for Lilly's babies... the female is still in with her and is doing fine, I put the male with Winx, and he has already figured his way around Winx's CN.  Such a tiny chin, such a huge cage.  And of course I see him and Winx sleeping but Winx is like impossible to get a pic of while sleeping.  It's like he hears me internally "squee" and wakes up.  Lol.  But anyway, both babies still have the mom-n-kit (dry) formula in their cages cause even though they're 8 weeks, they're still so tiny.  Once they hit maybe 225 I'll remove it (usually I do at 8 weeks, but usually they're a lot bigger than this at 8 weeks).  So Winx hasn't dumped it this time -- though, I can't prove he did last time -- last time he had two baby males in with him and it's very possible the two of them dumped it.  Anyway, it's currently upright and being eaten and Winx is leaving it alone (though, it wouldn't hurt him even if he ate it) and the baby's eating it and is still gaining.  So, I emailed the first person on my list wanting a white male.  Specifically, they wanted a white male that got along with other chins.  Well, this baby gets along with Winx, so I emailed this guy.

Course, this is someone who had been debating between a rescue and a baby, and I had emailed a few times asking if he had decided which he wanted (so I'd know what to email him about) -- never heard back regarding those emails.  So, I don't have high hopes in hearing back from him with this email, but as he is on my waiting list, I figured I'd give him a shout.  The baby male is just under 175 grams (I usually email at 175ish) so it's not like the baby's leaving tomorrow anyway.  I don't let them leave here until 250ish and they have to be gaining on their own away from mom.  In this case, we know he is cause he gained today and no mom (well, she has no milk anyway), but they also have to be gaining without the dry formula in with them.  Which I do think they are both still eating good amounts of, but that's ok cause they're still tiny.  They probably won't be leaving here til maybe 11-12 weeks, depending on when they hit the higher weight. 

The female's still in the 150-ish range so she still has a bit to go before I email the person on the list asking about her. 

So, unrelated to anything, but back when I was at the apartment, one of my friends got Winx to crawl out of the cage onto his hand for just a second... yeah needless to say I have never been able to get him to do that.  So today I tried luring him to put one paw on my hand for a cheerio.  The stinker wouldn't do it!  Patience not being my strong suit, but I tried and tried and tried. And he just ran around the cage and chirped at me and talked to me but didn't want that cheerio bad enough.  But if my friend could get him to come out, four paws on his hands.... before this chin croaks, he is going to do that for me.  You'd think after 9 years we'd have this down pat already, but we are going to do it now.  I want the chin that nicely comes out of the cage, rather than the one I have to chase like a nutzo.  See, all my chins need to be like Shimmy. I can reach right in and pet her and give her scritches and everything.  I need her mellow-ness to rub off on some of the others.

Going back to the evil-cuteness-princess.  She was hilarious today.  Somewhat.  Cause I was first just trying to put my hand in the cage to get her used to my hand cause she just always assumes the position and it's like jeez I didn't even try to grab her!  It's like when I had Wildwoman and had to move her to a run on the bottom to avoid walking by and getting hit by flying pee.  So I had my hand in there and she clearly thought it was food cause she was chewing away at my fingers like a freakin carnivore.  Little stinker started out softly nibbling and then eventually I had to start moving my hand cause it was like she actually wanted to eat my hand.  Weirdo.  But anyway, so when I started pushing her away from chewing on my fingers, and I pulled out the cheerios, that's when she became hilarious.  Because it was like I'm holding a cheerio... and she'd come up and bark... and assume the position... then slowly start to come closer for the cheerio... then assume the position... then run away..... and she's a very outgoing chin, like she'd go to the bottom of the cage and come back up right away cause she wanted that cheerio... so she'd keep coming back... and then assume the position... and then creep up to my hand.... maybe you had to be there.  But she was cracking me up.

Well, I think that's it for today.  With any luck, I'll get the pink zebra cage assembled (shelves in) tomorrow sometime and get her moved to that cage.  Once that's done, I think Winx and his little buddy can go to her cage for a day or so while I poo-guard the shelves in their cage.  And then eventually Toby will get the cage that this girl's in.  Maybe.  He might just like a pink zebra cage.  Anyway, we will see....

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