Friday, August 10, 2012

...more chins

So, got in some more chins today. 

Didn't do a ton, chin-wise today.  Bought some wood, bought some mini-casters for when I build the rolling stand for the fridge. 

Met up with T to get some chins.  Turns out it's two "juvenile males" (as the shelter called them) -- otherwise known as 3-4 month old male and 3-4 month old female, and an adult female (say... probably a year) with three babies (had four, one escaped at the shelter).  Sad to say, one of the babies is already on death's door.  She's not that small, 42 grams, which means there's probably something else wrong with her.  The other two.... can't say I remember the weight of the biggest, but the smallest was 30.  So when I weigh tomorrow, we'll see if she's gained (the babies are all girls) or not, and if she has... well, even if she has... we may warm up some milk for them.  But I'm betting there will only be two in the morning.

Other than that, gave the rats their meds, gave the chin her meds.  I don't know where today went but I didn't do much chin stuff.  Mainly worked on my papers.

Just some pics of the new editions:

ex. dark ebony male

med. ebony female

dark eb. female (mom)

babies (looks to be two x-darks and one med) -- the med. is the one not doing well

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