Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lexi and Honey

So, today has been all about two critters -- Lexi and Honey.

Lexi was a chin we adopted out with her sister Jordyn and mom Willow.  Adopted out to a wonderful family in Wisconsin.  Got an email at the crack of dawn saying that Lexi had been found at the bottom of her cage, lethargic, they'd contacted the vet, did everything they could, but she passed anyway.  :(  RIP Lexi.

As for Honey, I swear it's like either no one is interested or 20 people are.  Ok, so in total I've had maybe 5 people email me about Honey.  Well, the one person emailed several days ago, and I emailed them back.  Didn't hear from them for several days, so then this other person emailed me, we'll call her AK.  So, I recognized AK's name and I searched my emails, and it turns out, this person was interested in a chin a bit ago, but had "fallen off the face of the earth" as I like to call it, and my last email to her was the one saying "I haven't heard from you in a bit, are you still interested?"  Of course, this person never bothered to email me back.  So, she emailed about Honey, asking if there was a different adoption form for rabbits, and I told her there was, but that we already had someone interested in Honey.  So then I had someone email yesterday about Honey and, in response to the emails, I took down her ads and the ads I left up (like PetFinder and our website) I listed her as adoption pending.  And I told that person that emailed that she was on hold.  So, somewhere amid this, AK emails me again and says "We would be able to come tomorrow if it doesn't work. I knew I should have asked sooner but if it is meant to be it will all work out."  Ok, so I tell her, it's not going to be that fast.  The first person hasn't even gotten me the adoption form yet (I'm telling AK this) and anyway, the person has so many days to get back to me and so on.  But I tell her, it's not going to be that quick.  She says ok, let me know.  So I say I will.  So then when I'm taking down the ads and all, I changed the website and took off the other rabbits (since they were adopted yesterday) and I marked Honey on hold.  So I come home to an email from AK, "I saw that Honey is on hold so does that mean the people are going to take her?Should I move on more than likely? Thanks."  Honest to god.  Maybe it's me, but patience???  Omg.  I told her, no, she was on hold before, I just hadn't had a chance to update the website yet.  And I told her, if she wants to get a rabbit like, now, she should move on, cause our adoptions usually take a little while.

This is just like yesterday, I had one of our adoptive homes email me asking about Delilah, who is on hold.  I told them she's on hold and they said, well, let me know if she ends up not getting adopted.  Later in the day, I saw them facebook post saying they'd gone to the humane society and adopted a chin.  Um, again, does anyone have any patience anymore?  People don't email me on Monday and have all forms done and come to pickup by Tuesday (maybe 3 Tuesdays later, but surely not the next day).  I sometimes wish that was how it worked, but it's NOT and it's not going to be like that anytime soon.   '

So I'm slightly peeved at people at the moment over not having any patience.  

... and on that note, I believe about 5 days ago I said something about how I emailed that one home that was on our waiting list and I thought they wouldn't get back to me?  Yeah, it's day 5, they're getting a 2-day email.   

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