Wednesday, August 8, 2012 work

So, I decided to stay in the office at lunch.  Closed my office door, though my boss keeps popping in and I have to keep reminding him that while I will answer the phone if he doesn't pick it up by the 2nd ring, I am on lunch and whatever he wants other than that can wait until 1:30. 

So... yesterday.  Did a pretty good clean-up downstairs.  It'd gotten a bit messy, as the day that I'd moved all the cages around I hadn't vacuumed up the mess that resulted, so I did that.  The rabbits absolutely shredded the "bottom" of the pen they were in, so badly that I just threw it away.  Vacuumed up all the little pieces that they had chewed up, gave them and the g-pigs their veggies. 

Medicated Jessie and put the drops in her eyes and medicated the rats.  Now Buddy has developed the same sort of skin sore that Juno has.  They were cagemates, so that would make sense that if one caught something, the other would as well, but I guess the incubation period took longer in Buddy.  His sore hasn't broken open yet, so fingers crossed that it doesn't.  Regardless though, I love giving rats medicine.  It is just so easy.  Squirt the liquid on my palm and put the rat's head there and they will just lick it up like it's candy!  Versus Jessie (chin) where it's like I need 6 hands to restrain her, one of those hands to hold her little paws down to keep her from pushing the syringe away.... and even MORE hands to give her the eye drops, cause she knows what's coming, so I have to hold her eyes open while doing the drops or else the second I get her "in the position" she shuts her eyes real tight.  Just like a kid.

Anyway, was supposed to have someone come yesterday to look at Fuzzball (rabbit) but they ended up emailing me and canceling.  Turned out that the person's niece stays with her several times and month and the niece is allergic to rabbits.  So, moving on, I let the person know -- the one who's interested in all three.  She wanted to come yesterday, but I was napping at the time she called.... and I didn't get up until like 8:30 pm, so needless to say she didn't come yesterday.  She is coming tonight, so here's hoping she likes them.   I would love to adopt all three out to the same person.

Got an email from my contact at the Animal Welfare League (AWL) -- he said they got in some chins and asked if we could take em.  So now, we're just trying to coordinate the transfer between them to him, and him to me, so we'll see how that goes.

Got ahold of the powdercoating place that Jim told me about.  It's caled Perfect Finish Powder Coating out in Gary -- 219-938-3331 -- they say that, short of having a huge cleaning job ahead of them, to powder coat a Bass pan (for FNs/CNs), is $10 or around there.  That is AWESOME.  So I will be taking our pans there.  Probably in two batches, cause some of those pans need to be cleaned and some are being used.  And all that.

Hmmm.  That may be it.  I was very happy to get ahold of the powder coating place, I've been calling them for several days leaving messages.  So it was nice to get through to someone.  I think the problem was that I kept calling after work, and they'd already be gone for the day.

Oh, ok, I did do more than that yesterday.  I had one person call a few days ago with an order wanting to get a shipping quote and then send a check and I'd mail the order.  Well, I finally put hers together and wrote down the weight and size of the box. I need to input it into the shipping calculator and call her when I get home.

Then, I have another person who emailed me with the remainder of their order, put that together and wrote down the weight and all, need to figure out shipping and email them tonight.

Then, the people adopting Frederico & Georgie emailed asking how their cage is coming along, cause I told them I'd add some extra shelves and stuff to the cage, which I hadn't gotten around to, so I stuck in two shelves and their hammock and then I started making a ramp-shelf, with the little speedbumps on it so the chin doesn't slide off.  So I put in the other two shelves and was going to put in that one, but the glue had to dry to hold those pieces of wood for the bumps on, so today I will put bolts on that shelf and attach it and I think their cage will be good to go. 

There is one more order... someone emailed about dropping off a chin... and was actually set to come today... but she texted me yesterday letting me know that she had someone potentially interested in adopting the chin, so she said she'd give em a few days to decide and get back to me.  But, regardless, she wanted to get like $35 worth of supplies.  Cause she'd had two chins and they got in a fight and she had to separate and didn't have room for two cages (hence, us getting the one chin).  So I told her to keep me updated about the chin and let me know when she wanted to come pick up her supplies.  Didn't get a chance to get those ready, though I believe all of her stuff was pretty minor stuff, like I don't think any shelves, just some treats and chews and stuff.  So I should be getting that together today.

And then, I actually got my pile of chin-papers organized.  I'd taken them all upstairs to sort through and put in the correct folders in my file safe and I finally got around to sorting them by type and by date and putting them away. 

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