Tuesday, August 21, 2012

*scoffs* People.

So, my patience has lately been wearing a little thin.

As I'm sure I posted earlier, that one person on my waiting list never emailed me back about the chin I emailed her about, sent her the 2-day notice and she still didn't email back, so she's off the waiting list.

Then, I had this one person email about Honey.  The first person to email me about Honey back on August 11th.  Well, heard back from her on the 14th and sent her the adoption forms per her request.  Received the adoption form on the 16th.... which was 5 days ago.  So, on the 16th, I had sent her an email asking when she'd like to come adopt Honey.  Haven't heard back, so last night was 5 days so I sent her the 2-day notice.  Haven't heard back yet, she has until end of the day Wednesday to get back to me.  Or else, the next person on the list gets the rabbit, and the next person is super-good about getting back to me asap.  So... if the first person doesn't hurry it up, she's probably going to lose our on her chance to get the rabbit.

Then... had someone email me asking about the young female rats that we have on the 15th.  Didn't hear from them, so sent an email asking if they'd received the forms and all, and on the 20th, received an email back saying they had and would get the form back when they could. 

Now, I realize to the average person 5 days may not seem like a lot... but my feelings on this are that if you really want the pet, you'd be a little more gung-ho than waiting almost a week between emailing the person about the pet.  But that's just me.

Anyway, back to the annoying people.  So, I have this person email about Delilah back on August 11th.   Emails again on the 12th asking a variety of questions, so that's all good.  On the 15th asks for a fax number to fax over the adoption form, so I give her ours... and no faxes come through.  So I get another email that day asking how expensive the vet can be.  So I go into the whole thing of, well, say it's $50 to walk in the door, then if it's a respiratory infection, it could be this price, if it's a broken bone, it could be this much, and so on and so forth, while stressing that chins are pretty hardy and don't get sick all that often.  So, since I didn't get the adoption form, I'm thinking maybe something was wrong with the fax, so I email her and ask if she had faxed it, and she said no, but she would tomorrow.  Ok.  So then I don't hear from her for 5 days, and I send the 2-day notice.  Get an email back: 

Thank you for your email. I am pretty sure i wont be able to take deliliah after all. After reading the care information i was unaware that theyvwere so fragile. I am terrified that my daughter will accidently hurt her.
My duaghter thinks she is adorable but she is not all that careful. I really want deliliah but i have to put her safety before my wants.

Ok, well I appreciate her putting the chin's safety first.... but what was the difficulty in telling me that, oh, say... 5 days ago?  I understand people take time to think about getting a pet, and I greatly appreciate that, but she said after she read the care packet... so back on the 12th, she knew that they were delicate... yet waited until the 20th to tell me?  See, this is why it takes so long for pets to be adopted out.  

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