Monday, August 27, 2012

Good day, but some people need their heads bashed in.

I know, contradictory title.

Good day for the rats, because we adopted out two female babies to one person and three female babies to another.  The people who got the two babies came all the way from Madison, WI!  That's like at least a three hour drive for $15 worth of rats.  Very nice people. 

Anyway, as for the idiots....  everyone on my waiting list right now is turning out to be flakes, and other people with my critters on hold are pissing me off.  Let me explain.  I have one person on my waiting list, been there since 7/15.  So, not very long.  Not like the people who've been on the list for 6 months and give up waiting.  So, she wanted a pair of females, young ones, ideally she said both babies, but one could be an older one (less than 1 year), the other could be a baby.  So, I had emailed her about this med. ebony female that we have that's about 3 months old, and a standard female we have that's about 9 months old.  They're caged together, get along great, both rescues so they're cheaper than if she was getting pedigreed chins of that age.  So, I emailed her on 8/20.  She emailed me back 8/21 and asked for pictures, so I sent those and told her I needed her to complete an adoption form.  So she emailed back saying that she already did.  Well, I looked in my chin email folder, no attachments on any of her previous emails, and then I looked in my actual manila file folder and no adoption form for her in their either.  I didn't think there would be, but just in case she was right and I was wrong (hey, it's happened before), I checked.  But no, I didn't have it.  So I told her I didn't have it, and I told her that even though she did it, I needed her to re-send it because I didn't have it.  So, of course, I don't hear from her for several days, so yesterday, 8/26, I email her saying, hey, it's been 5 days, this is your 2-day notice, if I don't hear back, you lose your hold on these chins and you lose your spot on our waiting list.  So, she has til the end of the day tomorrow (Tuesday) to email me back, or else these chins go back up for adoption or to the next person on the list.  I don't anticipate hearing back, but you never know.

So, then for the white male chin.  Didn't think that I'd hear back from that person, considering he couldn't even be bothered to email me back to tell me if he wanted an adult or a baby, but since I had told him I'd put him on the waiting list, I thought I'd email him.  Well, today was day 5 so I sent him the 2-day notice.  So he has til the end of the day on 8/29 (Wednesday) to get back to me, or else the boy goes to the next person on the waiting list. 

Then.  Ok, I didn't expect the first one to be flakey, I sort of expected the second one, but this next thing is what really got me p.o.'d.  So, our one adoptive home, someone who will remain nameless, but who has adopted several rats from us in the past, had put Juno and Buddy on hold for them.  However, they needed to be cured of their skin condition first, so this person was basically waiting for them to heal so that nothing would be spread to their rats.  Fair enough.  Well anyway, so they were on my waiting list for a blue dumbo rat (which I had sworn, we'd never get in).  Well, hell must've frozen over cause two of the babies we got in the other week were blue dumbos.  So, I emailed him and let him know.  Well, now I'm feeling like that was the stupid thing to do, because when I emailed him today asking when he wants to come look at the rats, I asked him if he's still interested in Buddy and Juno, and he was like "I'd much rather have the blue dumbos."  *yanks hair out*  Really?  Cause I have a gazillion people wanting to adopt a pair of year-old males, versus the babies which I can adopt out like candy, and he would "rather have the babies?"  Like I wanted to be like, "um excuse me?  you already put the adults on hold, and I wouldn't be holding them for you, and I wouldn't have TOLD YOU about the blue dumbos if I thought it meant you were sticking me with the adults."  Now, don't get me wrong, Buddy and Juno are very sweet.  But ugh.  Just pisses me off. 

So I said something to the tune of, when they're healthy, I'll put them back up for adoption.  So he then emailed me and said "Really hate to see Juno and Buddy go to someone else, I need more room!"  So... it's like ok, do you want them or not?  So I emailed him and asked him, well, what does he want to do with them?  Cause if it's a cage he needs, (and he's willing to drive faaaaaaar for cages), I linked him a critter nation in the South Bend area, but if he doesn't have room for another cage, then he needs to let me know, because I have too many critters on hold for people who aren't sure whether or not they want them.

AND this guy has been aggravating me lately.  Ok, the people from Madison were able to pick up and drive here today, and that's like a 3 hour+ drive.  He's like 30 minutes away and the stinker will tell me he wants to come one day, and says he'll call, and then never does, and then say maybe the weekend, and then never calls, and so on and so forth.  And when he doesn't call, if I don't email him to ask, ok, when next would you like to come? I wonder how long it would take him.  I mean, don't get me wrong, this guy is a great home for rats but he's wearing down my patience for him.

But let's end this on a positive note -- we have one remaining female baby.  The people who want to adopt her are hoping to come this Wed/Thurs morning to pick her up.  Then I will just have Gumdrop (mom) as the only female out of this most recent group to come in.  And Gumdrop is very likely pregnant so we will soon have MORE babies up for adoption.

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