Friday, June 29, 2012

Cleaning and more FN stuff and orders

So, came home, realized that it's gotten kind of messy downstairs.  Vaccuumed the tables, gave everyone food/water, and realized, hey, Ember's kit is getting quite huge.  Like she's probably 400-450 grams already she is BIG for how old she is (born 4/1).  She's going home on the 8th.  And then we'll hang onto Ember a bit longer to check she's not pregnant, and then she can be adopted out as well.  So, I moved the two of them to one of our empty QC's and cleaned their previous cage and put it by our other spare cages. 

Which reminded me that I needed to do those FN pans.  So, with a lot of scrubbing, I got one of the two pans I was working on completely done.  Sprayed the entire thing down with my simple green/vinegar mixture and wiped it down, and boy did the grime come off.  Flipped the pan over, and the entire thing was sticky and so I had to spray all of that and wipe all of that down as well. Ickkk.

For the second pan, got a good start on that corner... let the vinegar sit for awhile and scrubbed... but for some reason I didn't start on the 2nd pan til I had the first done so the vinegar didn't have enough time to penetrate and so I ended up leaving a rag soaked in fresh vinegar on the part that really needs some TLC. So hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get the rest of that off, spray down that pan and wipe down all sides and back of it.

Which makes me think, I don't know if I did that for the pan that I put IN the FN.  While I scrubbed the deposits and stains mostly off, I don't know if I sprayed it down at the end or flipped it over to clean, so I should probably pull that out of the FN and clean that, just to be safe. With the condition (or lack of) that these cages were in, I wouldn't want to take any chances on the previous chins passing anything to ours. 

So, I have two people working on liners for me at the moment.  From CnH I have someone who made me me three sets -- two liners each (one with three... I'll explain), a hanging house w/ pillow, a pillow, a hammock, a corner hammock, and a fleece tube with cover.  So, for the one with three liners -- since we are going to have two extra pans and will be able to easily split 2 FN's if needed, I got an extra liner with no cut-out.  That way, if we split the FN, I will have two of the same liners, one for the top and one for the bottom.  And it's not like I couldn't have made the hammocks and pillows myself, but I wanted it all to match, and finding the exact same fabric... well... I just don't have the time to be sure I get the exact same thing, only to find out I didn't.  So the total for three sets with shipping ended up being $254 (and that's WITH a discount that the person was nice enough to give me).  Ouch.  But..... these are cages that are/will be used for the rescues, and we had a $250 donation earlier this year.  We'll just say the donation paid for that.  And the person making the liners said she threw in some various sticks for the chins, so they'll be happy for that.  The little extras are always welcome and appreciated.

So since I'm sure everyone's dying to see our new liners... some pics:

I emailed that person who has been working on my order since Feb. -- my other liners and stuff should be leopard print -- haven't heard back.

Then, Jean (of TJs) is making liners (guess we're gonna have an extra set if the leopard one ever gets here, cause we only have four FNs) for us as well.  They're going to be blue tie dye on top and blue merle on the bottom.  And of course I couldn't get liners and not get other stuff from her, so I've got a whole order there.. .which I keep adding to!  So she better hurry up and complete the order before I have one of everything as part of my order!  Lol.  So that's going to be a big dollar amount order as well.  But I think these will be some of my first major orders of this year, so not doing too too bad.

So then, I packaged up the small order for the one person - that's all ready to go.

The person coming Sunday to adopt Tallie & Lilly has a $230 order, and only $130 of that is chins, so I spent today getting most of that put aside for her.  Since my work table only has one cage on it right now (Aries' hamster cage) I actually had room to lay everything out... so I got her hammocks and cuddlebuddies ready, and so when she comes, I'll just have to remember to get her a 25 lb bag of food from our stack.  And so she'll come, pick out a cage, get allllllll of her stuff, and she'll be all set.  Very nice person.

Mixed up some more rat food.  I swear they eat it like it's going out of style or something.  I will have to pick up more cheerios, oatmeal squares, and pasta tomorrow after work.  And vinegar, cause my gallon is almost out, after having to work on those pans....

Had someone email about wanting to adopt two male rats today -- emailed them the care packet and adoption form -- I hope I hear back from them... that would significantly bring our rat number down.  Right now, we have 7 -- three females and four males.  Well, on the 7th, I have someone coming to pick out their rats.  If they choose females... I might have to suggest they get all three.  Just a suggestion.  Cause rats do like company.  Even if they didn't, that would bring us down to 1 female, and then say the other person got two males, then that'd bring is down to 2 males, so 3 rats total.  Our of our AWL rats.  We also have the two rats that came in with Lilly, but they're caged separately, so that's a different story.  And I think they might get adopted out if it wasn't for the fact that all our others are younger than them.  So once the younger ones have been adopted out, I think Spots and Princess will have a better chance of being adopted out. 

Got an email back from the people adopting Willow, Lexi, and Jordyn... said they want to come the 11th or 12th (I believe on their way to/from somewhere, where they'll pass this area).  I will be working both days, so I sent them an email, let them know.  Hopefully they'll be able to make it one of those days.  That would free up the other FN to be scrubbed down and readied for liners and new accessories. 

Have someone doing a trial run with a chinchilla for a week, they're picking up her and her stuff tomorrow (for a deposit, I haven't completely lost my mind).  Got everything she could possibly need together.  Cage, food bowl, water bottle, way too much food for a week, waay too much hay for a week, baggie of treats.. there are already hanging toys in the cage so I think she'll be set.  Oh and a carrier for the chin.  So that's all set up and ready to go, so I'll be seeing them tomorrow.

I'm sure I did more chin-related stuff today, but it's not coming to mind.  Oh!  Besides taking the usual rescues out for playtime and socialization, Winx and Toby (separately) got to come out for awhile today.  Sadly, the pet chins are the last to come out when we have a ton of rescues.  Fixed a toy in Winx's cage -- he had this toy where it was like a horizontal bar and it had three toy things hanging down from it.  Well, it was just strung up by some safe rope stuff, which of course got chewed... so maybe a week or two ago I had re-strung (with wire this time) one of the pieces that had fallen down and re-hooked it up.  Well, then the other two pieces fell after I did that, so today, I pulled out more wire and made another hanging thing to attach to the horizontal thing and to balance out the weight.  So I put that up there and he was going all gaga over the new toy.  My adorable baby.

That's another thing.  I have so many toys and houses and various "things" on the side that are meant to go in the new FN's... once those are set up and are ready to be used (which will require the help of volunteers because we'll need to move tables, move cages around, and so on) the chins going into those cages (from other cages) are going to think they've hit the chinnie jackpot, cause those cages are going to be decked out.  Not like our other cages aren't, but there's just so much more room in the FN's to do that sort of stuff.   

Oh!  Forgot to mention this the other day.  Got Lola and Jessie in at the vet.  Got new antibiotics to try with Jessie.  For Lola... the vet ground down the one remaining tooth as low as she felt she could... still not even with the missing bottom tooth (well, obviously) but she said that all we can do is wait for them to start growing back in and THEN we can file them so they're even.  And actually, she's doing well.  She's eating enough on her own to maintain her weight.  Still giving her CC a few times a day when I can fit it in, but since she is eating on her own, I'm not so worried about her.  Jessie... we'll see how she takes to these antibiotics.

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