Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Could be more productive...

I must be out of the groove or something, I'm getting nothing done lately.

Came home today, called up the person with the kit on hold, they didn't answer.  Went upstairs, left phone downstairs... they called back.  Well, I didn't hear it, didn't answer.  Came downstairs, saw the missed call, called back... they didn't answer.  Put the phone in my pocket.  About 2 hours later it rings and as I'm taking it out of my pocket, I somehow hit "end call."  REALLY?!?  So I call them several times in a row until I finally get the person, and we set up a time (tomorrow) for her to come get the chin.

In the meantime.. we had Lola dropped off, a chin with some teeth issues.  And by teeth issues, I mean, mostly vet-caused teeth issues.  So, the owners said something was going on with her and she was drooling, so they took her to the vet.  The vet filed down the top teeth, and *mumble mumble* (they literally mumbled) about what the vet did to the bottom teeth.  Now, by "filed down the top teeth" I mean this - there are no teeth sticking out above the gum line.  I mean how STUPID of a vet did they have?  Since I don't know what the vet did to the bottom teeth, I can only partly comment on that, but get this, they tell me, oh one of the bottom teeth fell out today.  What?  Sure as shit, this chin has one long bottom tooth and that's it.  Didn't get this way overnight.

Now, I have to say, these were the nicest people and clearly wanted the best for their chin, they just said they couldn't spend any more at the vet, and weren't sure they wanted to, after how much they'd spent, and they recognized that their vet had messed up.  The vet clearly shouldn't have been working on chins.  They felt really bad they hadn't noticed the problem sooner, but we all know, chins hide things well, so they probably took her in as soon as they could.  They said they had noticed she didn't want to eat her treats, and they thought maybe she didn't like them, but then they saw the drooling and figured something was wrong...

So... she'll be going in to our vet, see what she says.  In the meantime, Lola is skin and bones.  She weighed 305 grams when we got her in today.  Pulled out the Critical Care, Lifeline, ground up hay... she ate a decent amount, was up to 335?  Something like that.  In one feeding, that was pretty good.  Put her back in her cage with her pellets and she did go to her food bowl... and I did notice poos later on, so that's positive.

I know the teeth will grow back, but I don't know how long that takes or how well she'll do in the meantime... not to mention... it could have been her front teeth that were causing problems, but it also could have been the back, we don't know, so there could be more problems than just the front.  Though that bottom front tooth is looooooong so I'm betting that there were front teeth problems.  And white as chalk, so calcium problems as well.  Darn it, I forgot to use the calcium supplement with the CC.  Tomorrow.  Last time when I couldn't find the calcium supplement I stuck some Tums in the coffee grinder and gave it that way.  Worked just as well. 

So we've got some work ahead of us with Lola.  She is... tiny.  Looks like a dwarf to me.  Besides actually being skin-n-bones, she is just a small chin.  I asked how old she was - 1.5 years.  She looks like she could be a few months old... big head, sort of odd proportions... I would say dwarf. 

I'm usually good with getting my rescue-info-sheet filled out with all of the where-did-you-get-the-chin, likes/dislikes, food, etc etc but I knew ahead of time that we were getting in a non-healthy chin, so I really didn't get much info on Lola.  Doesn't matter where they got her if her health problems will be her demise, eh?  I do have the people's email (I am horrible with phone calls, I don't like calling people) so I suppose if it turns out that she pulls through all of this and is adoptable at the end of the day, I can ask all I want.  But at this point it really doesn't matter, she needs to try to get better and we'll hopefully get her there.

She did want to eat.  She was very happy for the Critical Care, which was a surprise cause usually chins that haven't been previously introduced to the CC require ridiculous amounts of burrito-ing at least the first couple of times, but she took it like a champ.  Must've been hungry.

So, as for her treats, they had dried bananas and some dried carrots things for her.  Kill her with kindness.  So I threw those treats in the guinea pig box and gave them a few (which they devoured), and gave Lola some sticks.  Don't know if she chewed them, it was already getting late, and I had to work on an order that I'd put off for like 3 weeks.

So, cut the wood for the order and packaged everything up in one big box.  Big order too, four 24" shelves, 4 piano shelves, 3 porthole hidey houses, and 4 circular perches.  With S&H order totaled $169.  I hope she expected it'd be that expensive... though the box does weigh about 35 pounds, so she couldn't expect shipping to be $5 (it's $25ish).  So now that that's all packaged up, I still have to make two porthole hidey houses for when we have a rat pickup next week, and then I have someone who wants 10 lbs of Mazuri shipped to them....and that may be it at the moment.

Had someone email about Moch & Mycha... emailed back saying about the care packet and the form, so we'll see if I hear back from them.  It'd be nice, that'd be the first person who's emailed about them since that one guy never emailed me back after saying he'd get me the deposit and all that... yeah.  Grr..  Oh well.  Just not the right home yet.

And the people with Daisy and Delilah didn't call today.  Yet another frustration.  I will give them til Monday and if I don't hear from them, I will call them yet again...I hate to be a pest, but honest to god, you don't want the pet, fine, bring it back, don't make me bug you.

And I haven't heard from the person interested in Annabelle either.  She has til the end of the day tomorrow to get back to me, otherwise the other people will hear from me letting them know she's back up for grabs.  And I thought she was a "poor thing" chin - compared to Lola, Annabelle is healthy as a cow.  She could still use to gain weight, but that's the only thing that she needs, she's doing great and is active and is eating and no longer has the odd poos in reaction to hay.  So she just needs a good home to keep feeding her good food and she can go home. 

Well, that may be it for today.  Oh - so my one person for the rats set a time for this Saturday.. the other person that wanted to come Saturday still hasn't emailed me back.  It's only been two days, but to me, Saturday's practically here, so I emailed her and let her know that the other person's set for 6, so she can come before/after, just let me know.  So hopefully I'll hear back from her.  She's already got in her adoption form and all, but she just seems to take forever (or maybe it just seems that way) to email me back. And I could call, but I really do hate bugging people, and I REALLY hate calling.  Like especially calling those people with Daisy and Delilah... that is like pulling teeth to get me to call them, but I want them back at the rescue, so I will grit my teeth and bear it.  But I much prefer email. 

Ok, so that's not it.  My resident hay guy (who I haven't heard from in awhile, maybe he found hay elsewhere) texted me about some cage clips and some name plates.  I told him I'd get back to him.. yeah that was Monday.  So... lil behind on that, but I checked the cage clips today.   He wanted 2 sets and I do have two sets... for the name plates, he wanted 10 and I don't think I have 10.  He can get what I have, and he can get more when I have more cages in, but I know I don't have 10.... but by the time I went digging for this stuff, it was already much too late at night for me to text him.  Wanted to cut the wood for the two porthole hidey houses I need to make for the rat guy, but again, it was already like 10:30 at night, and I'm not the only one in the house, so I couldn't.  That'll have to be tomorrow, squeezed in between a supply pickup, a chin pickup, and tons of errands.  Suppose I should at least write out those pedigrees tonight so that I'm not scrambling tomorrow, eh?  That'll be the last thing before I go to bed.

Ok, and I really do think that's it for the day.  

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