Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Webstore order

Haven't gotten an order through the webstore in forever.  Makes me wonder if it's worth how much I pay for the website to keep that option up there (I have to have the highest package to be able to have that many items in the webstore). 

Just got an order in now, though, for a corner shelf, two bagels, an ounce of rosebuds, and 10 apple & oat treats.  For once nothing too complicated.  So I will likely get that together tomorrow.

And... when the rat guy came over today, he had originally wanted two of the porthole hidey houses, and I remember thinking, does he realize how big those are?  Cause we always get the comment that they're larger than people think, cause no one ever actually looks at the dimensions... and so when he got here and saw them, he was like ok maybe that's too big.  So he decided to switch and get our original hidey houses, which are considerably smaller (and half the price)... but we only had one made up.  So he said he'll come back for the other one, so I need to make that for him.  So maybe tomorrow I'll do that and get the webstore order ready.

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