Sunday, June 3, 2012

On a happier note...

On a happier note, today was my day off, and I actually got things done today!  Not as much as I'd like (ok, well, I never get done as much as I'd like - there's just not enough hours in the day!), but I got a lot done. 

Took a lot of the chin stuff outside to wash, like some of the hidey houses and some dust houses and stuff.  Took my entire "to-be-washed" pile outside in fact.  Washed everything.  Almost everything is dry - I still want to stick the wooden stuff outside again on another hot day, but I brought it in cause it's supposed to rain.  But all the plastic and "other" stuff that needed to be washed was washed.

Course, then what do I do?  Come back in the house, mess with several more cages, and make a whole new "to-be-washed" pile.  Ah well, that's for another day.

So, on the Used Cages front, I made shelves and took pictures of Cage 11 (the ad was up, just no pictures, cause I hadn't made shelves yet).  For cage 12, washed, took pictures, need to list.  Same with cage 13. 

Then, since I'd used one of my customers' shelves that I'd already cut for their order for a different cage, I re-cut my customer's shelves and put together their order.  Then realized that their credit card billing address was different than the address they sent me, so I emailed them to double check where their packages are going.  Once they let me know for sure, I can get an address on the packages and get them out. 

Well, in doing shelves for cages 11-13, now I only have one maybe 3-ft piece of wood left, so if I plan on doing any more cages, it's going to require getting more wood.  Which I'll need to do anyway, I won't be able to do custom shelves or hidey houses or anything with 3 feet.

Unloaded the blazer.  Yes, I know the expo was on the 19th, but I was busy!  Funny that, I only really unloaded the rest of the stuff cause I needed one of the double entry hidey houses for my customers' order, and I knew one was in there. 

So, there's two more cages that I think will go up on our used cages page (after 11-13 are up). One's a Ware rabbit cage, another's a large cage that's vaguely like a marshall mansion, and the third is a white wire w/ wire ramps small chin cage.  So, I started scrubbing and vinegar-ing the pan for the rabbit cage, cause the previous owner clearly had never cleaned the thing, so I think that got pretty good for day 1.  The whole thing's gotta go outside and be powerwashed, but that's for another day.  The white wire cage is currently being a "table" for one of our rat cages, so I can't do anything with that yet, but in all reality, I need to order a new pan for that cage from Bass.  So I've been waiting until I need several things from Bass so I can order it all together.

So then, the marshall mansion-like cage.  So the cage sits in the pan, so I unclipped the thing, lifted the cage off, and started using my scraper to scrape up the layers of crud on the metal pan.  Scraped, got some rust up, figured, I can repaint the pan, scrape scrape... right through to the other side.  Oops.  Flipped it over and a LOT of the bottom is almost rusted through.  Wasn't clear from the top, cause the crud hid it.  Guess I'll be adding to my Bass order. 

Had someone email about the rats today.  Just emailed wanting to come see them, and sent me pictures of his rats, his rats' cage (a CN 182!), and his rats' playpen area.  So cute!  This guy clearly adores and spoils his rats!  So he's coming to see our rats Tuesday.

And I think that's about it for today.  Going to list the cages now.

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