Tuesday, June 19, 2012

FN's from hell... and volunteers

So, today, we had some volunteers come over.  That was good, got the two rat tables cleaned off and the four rat cages cleaned.  Very happy bout that.  Was intending to put together the FN's, but as it turns out, all the screw holes are messed up.  Just wonderful, eh?  So my volunteer is going home to talk to her husband about some sort of re-threading drill bit or something like that.  Cause these cages ARE going together, one way or another.  Oh, and I got in the pieces I was missing today from Midwest, so if I have to superglue the cages, they are all going to go together.  Ugh.

Oh!  And Pixie (gp) had three babies!  Two that are chocolate/caramel colored and a third that's white/chocolate/caramel.  The two look like dad, abysnnians, the other looks sort of like mom, but it's got like one or two curls so we'll have to see if it turns out abysinnian or just your regular short hair.  Can't tell the sex yet, I don't think, I see a lot of gp sites that say wait until 3 weeks and you can tell a lot better, so we'll wait.  Not 3 weeks, but I'll give it a few days so they'll be a tad bigger.

Oh and Gin (Dreamz' standard male baby, MNWI B9) went home today.  So that's one down.  I feel like, right now, I have a million people scheduled to come, to look, pickup, whatever, but everyone's coming like so far in the future, no one's coming NOW.  It's almost frustrating cause it's like there's a zillion chins but not that many up for adoption.  And rat people are starting to show up now (like, email me) so hopefully some of those will get adopted soon. 

Having some drama go on due to a post I made advertising the rats on one of the rat forums.  Go figure.  I learned a new thing or two, so it's not all bad, but a lot of bickering over some things.

Oh!  So I hadn't heard from the people with Daisy and Delilah, so I looked up the adoption form in my phone (if emailed to me, I save them in the chin folder) and called the number on there.  Got the step dad, who is the one I originally talked to when the chins were being adopted.  Turns out, the story the daughter said, about the dad bringing home the chins without telling mom wasn't true.  As it turns out, the kid didn't actually want to clean their cage or do anything in the realm of actually caring for them, and so an older kid was doing the caring for them, but the parents had said, if she wasn't going to care for them, like if she didn't want them, she had to call us up and bring them back.  Course, since when do the actual owners call us up?  Almost never, it's almost always the parents or whatever... anyway, the step dad said someone would call us today/tomorrow about bringing them back.  No call today, so hopefully tomorrow.

On that note, sent the person who had expressed interest in Annabelle a 2-day email.  Should've been yesterday, but oh well.  Emailed saying she has til Thursday night to get back to me and if she doesn't, I'm moving onto the next person.  Cause you know, can't wait forever.  So we'll see how that goes.  Hopefully if the first person doesn't get back to me, the second will actually want her.  It somehow seems to often work out that the first doesn't want them and the second falls off the face of the earth... but whatcha gonna do.  Hopefully that won't be the case this time. 

Got a call from someone in Chicago about the rats, wanting to know if we were really in Munster (as the ad says) or in Chicago (as the headline said).  I explained that we can't change our outward location to say Munster, that the website they were looking at picks Chicago cause it's close to us, and they were ready to say, well thanks for calling, but I said, hey, we're not THAT far from Chicago, where are you?  So she said she would talk it over with her husband and call back - and she did, saying they'd make the drive.  I sent them the forms, and just got them back like a minute ago - blank.  Lol.  I think someone forgot to hit save.  So here's hoping they get the filled out forms back to me soon.

Oh, and I got the form (well, I think it was yesterday, but going to bed early meant I didn't do much in terms of anything yesterday) from the people wanting to adopt our trio of girls (Willow, Jordyn, & Lexi) so that's promising.  Just need to get a date/time set with them and we'll be good.  '

And then another of the rat people (who we already got the adoption form for) got back to me saying they wanted to come this Saturday, so I told them what times will work for me, and now I'm just waiting for them to get back to me with a time, and so here's hoping the first set of rats will go home this upcoming weekend!  And then we have someone coming the 26th to pick up their rats, another person coming the 1st to pick up Lilly/Tallie (chins), then another on the 7th coming to see the rats, then someone on the 8th to pick up a chinchilla... see what I mean about I have all these scheduled things but none right now?  That's why there's so many rescues right now, cause the homes aren't able to come get them yet.  A lot of the to-be-homes are far away... one of the rat homes will be in Crystal Lake, Tallie/Lilly's home is almost 6 hours away... it always amazes me how far people drive for these things.  I guess that's saying something though.  :D

Well, I think that might be all for today.  Oh, got in some fleece that I ordered, so that was nice.  Gotta find some spare time to make hammocks, and I still have that one outstanding wood order that I NEED to get working on.  Tomorrow though, I'm tired today. 

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