Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shorter day....

Ok, so not really a "shorter" day, but I'm tired and not spending 8 hours with the chins today.  We'll call today my "day off." 

So, got home, had someone come over to pick up their two on-hold rats.  So two more rats (a male and a female - they have a split FN with one section males, other females) went to their new home today.  And their owner says if he could find another CN for under $100 (hey, he did once, kudos to that, I can't even find FN's for $100) he would adopt more.  So I told him, if I see any I will let him know.  Anyway, here's Pudgy (male) and the female with their new "dad," Jim.

So, I suppose I was lucky I had this adoptive home coming over when they did.  I go downstairs with this guy, and immediately notice the CN door is open!  And Winx (my baby, of all cages to be open...) is just chillin in the cage.  Gooooooood boy for not running out.  So of course I close the door as quickly as possible before he thinks otherwise about his decision to stay in the cage... must have not closed it securely.  Very glad I was down there when I was.

Then, had someone stop over and pick up a few supplies, and donated $1 to the rescue.  That was nice. 

Checked on the baby chins today - all lost a few grams.  I feel like Lilly took her sweet time getting in milk the last time she had babies, so we'll see how they are tomorrow.

No work on the FN's today, too tired.  Maybe tomorrow.

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