Saturday, June 16, 2012

Weird phone call

So today, I was at work and got a call from someone wanting to know what type of chinchilla supplies we had.  So I waited til I was out of work and called her back up, well, she said she'd already gone to the store to get a cage.  I guess people call and think I can call them back, right that minute.  Anyway, so she asked me what other supplies we have, and I told her, food, dust, hammocks, cages, and so on and so forth, and she said that she thought she might get another chinchilla because chins are social animals, and so if she did, she might call me for a cage.  Ok.  So I had to ask, what did she keep the chinchilla in for the two weeks that she didn't have a cage?  Oh, she kept it in a laundry basket.  Really? 

So anyway, it sounded like they bought the chin a cage, but nothing else, and she didn't want to talk to me about the supplies and she didn't act like she wanted to get any supplies... so I hope she bought more than just the cage.  Hopefully she also got some chews and something for the chin to amuse itself with. 

I'm sure I'll never hear from her again, but who knows?  Course, she talked about how the cages at the pet store are so expensive... can't say that mine are all THAT much cheaper -- they are cheaper, but once you add in the pine shelves, it becomes almost pet store prices... though considerably safer than pet store cages... so I don't know what she thinks we might have that's cheaper than pet store.  Maybe one of the used cages.  But anyway, just an odd phone call.  Like wanted to know what I sold, but then was like ok thanks!  Odd.

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