Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Good news on several fronts

Well, the guy came over yesterday to look at the rats.  He really liked two of them (a male and a female - he's got a split CN at home with one gender on top, one on bottom), so he said when they're ready he'll be coming back to pick them up.  And he already returned me my adoption form, so I think all will be good.  Real nice guy, so hopefully this works out.  That'll be two rats hopefully in their new home.

Also, got an email from the guy heading the rat transport, he gave me the names of some places to list the rats... I'll be waiting until they're actually ready to do so, but it's always good to have more options.

Then, my screw extractor came today.  With it, I was able to get apart ALL of those rusted-to-hell parts.  Now, just to clean those, and I'll be about ready to order some things and get on my way.  For the screw that was stuck, with the help of the screw extractor, I was able to use that and my heavy duty drill to drill it out, so now there's just a hole there, but that's better than the screw sticking out.  So that's good. 

Tried to call Midwest (place that makes FN's) today but of course I was calling at 4:04 and they close at 4.  Go figure.  So that'll be another day.  So at the moment, I'm just missing the four grids and the plastic thingies that hold the casters in place.  I don't expect that to be pennies, but at least I won't be replacing every last part of the cage.

And need to call up Bass.  I have that one cage that's been sitting here forever... it COULD be sold if I would just order a pan for it.  Just need to measure, and then I can order.  That, and the pan that I poked through to the other side cause of the rust, and then two of the cutout pans for the FN.  That'll be a nice chunk out of the bank account, but then, I'll be able to sell those two cages and put together the other two, so it'll all work out.  Just need to measure those pans and get to calling them up.  I don't know where the time goes.

Need to order food bowls -- not for us, for the ones we sell to the customers.  My problem is, I could sit on the company site and look and look and look and order like 90000 things... so I'm trying to put that off until I have a little more time on my hands... but at the same time, I only have one food bowl left.....

Chins are all doing good.  Got yet another person interested in Lilly (bv).  The first person interested hasn't gotten me back her adoption form yet, but she did email asking about some of our used cages and asking how messy the chins are and all that, so hopefully the next email will have the adoption form and all.

Haven't heard from the people interested in the trio in a few days, so I emailed them.  We'll see how that ends up playing out.

No one interested in any of the other pairs of chins... I realize that it's because Lilly and Tallie are black and white, respectively, that that's why they're going "so fast" - they have so many inquiries - but the other chins are just as nice!  Just the regular gray color.  Ah well, they'll all be adopted eventually, it's always just a matter of time. 

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