Sunday, June 24, 2012

In other news...

So other than the chin spin drama, the past few days have been going pretty well.  Yesterday we had two people show up for their appointments and pick out three rats (all females) who went to their new homes.  Very nice people, very friendly. 

Pics of the adoptive homes:

Then today, I woke up from my nap to find I had a call from someone about the rats.  Well, me and my mom were going to the local carnival for a bit, and it was closing early cause it was the last night, so I figured I'd call the lady back when I got home.  Well, this person was DETERMINED to get ahold of me... by the time I'd started making the trek back to the car (we parked omg so far away), I had like five calls from this person, two with voicemails.  So, it was almost 9 pm, but I figured, she's calling this much, I can call her back (usually I try to call before 9, and before, I mean not 8:59... and it was about there).  So I called her back and, as it turned out, she'd found this baby mole outside and had been feeding it and it eventually opened its eyes and was really friendly and all... and died of course, and someone told her she should get rats... and then she saw our ad.  So of course she had to come TONIGHT.  I don't think she even showed up until like 9:30-9:45, but I'm up til the crack of dawn (hence, "nights at the chinchilla rescue"), so she came here, filled out the adoption form, picked out her rats, and left at like 10:15. She brought her kid with her, and maybe she had no one to leave him with, but it was kinda surprising, cause I so often hear, "well, 7 pm's too late cause the kids have to be in bed by 8"... yet she had the kid.  But anyway, she checked out and filled out the form and we talked about rat care and she read our care packet and all, so that was two more rats (males this time) to a good home.  Pic:

So then, the FN drama.  My mother was the one to notice that the threads were smaller on the FN screws than one the ones I bought, so I headed back to Home Depot with the right screw.  Tried it in their screw-sizer thing and it was a 1/4 inch screw... but it was 1/4 fine (which is 1/4-28), not 1/4 coarse (1/4-20).  So, as my luck would have it, Home Depot doesn't carry any 1/4-28 screws.  But, it took like 10 different people being asked to tell me that.  The last one finally said try Ace.

On a side note -- why in the world would a cage company choose a screw that hardly any place carries?  I mean, I had every person I asked ask what in the world I needed such a "specialized" screw for (a pet cage, no doubt).  Wouldn't it have been easier to just use the 1/4-20 screws, which are abundantly available?

So I went to Ace.  They did have them, but only 16 of them.  The guy was right, though, that they had quite the selection in specialty stuff.  Now, I knew I'd need more than that and I ALMOST told the guy to order them... and then I thought... what if I'm wrong about the size again (somehow).  So I was thinking I'd take the 16 home and if those worked, then I could always order or get more or whatever.  So I get home, and those 16 worked!  So then I went to the Ace in Munster (first went to the one in Dyer) and picked up another 10.  Now that I've cleared out both stores I'll have to wait until they get more in...and if that seems to be taking awhile, I guess I'll have to put in an order... but I'll give them a week and go back, and we'll see.  Turns out, it takes 24 screws per cage.  At 40 cents per screw, that's almost $10 per cage in screws.  So I still need 20ish screws for the second cage.

As for the screw holes, I did need to use the tap and die kit on all of the holes.  So it was good I bought that (thanks Jamie & husband!), cause even with the right size screws... they were not going in without the holes re-threaded.  So, as I was putting together the first cage, one of the pieces...the part that should have "received" the screw... the metal part where it should have received it (with the round, threaded hole for the screw to go in), that part must have completely rusted off cause all I had was an open-ended tube.  So that had me scratching my head for a minute, then I realized that I could just take metal cable ties and use two of them to hold that corner together.  So that's what I did.  That was on the stand part of the cage.  Had to do the same thing higher up for one of the side panels cause I'd had to drill out (titanium drill bits rock!) a screw that was stuck in one of the holes.  So of course, my new hole was too big....but the cable ties will hold it just fine.  LOVE the metal ones.  Expensive, but this is exactly when they are needed, regardless of the cost.

So, the first cage is together.  I don't have the pans in it yet, still waiting for the one pan from Bass, and I realized with some vinegar and elbow grease I may be able to get the bottom pan cleaner, but I haven't started on that yet.  But soon.

So, for the second FN, I got most of the stand together, lacking one screw to completely screw it together.  Out of the "pole" pieces, I should have had four with holes and four without... well, I had 3 with holes and 5 without.  So, that could have been a problem.  But then, I have my heavy duty drill and titanium drill bits.  So, I drilled holes into the third one where I needed them (LOVE those drill bits, and got them on clearance at Meijer), so that part worked itself out.  

Since I don't have more screws, I really can't progress any further until I do, but I took the tap and die kit and re-did all the holes on all of the panels and pieces of the second FN.  That way, when I do have the screws, I'll be able to put it together a bit easier.  I think I will need some more of the metal cable ties on this one, so far, no, but I think once we get further up we will.  

I really need to clean out those pans.  I thought about doing what I usually do with the plastic cages - put vinegar and water in them and let them sit for a few days, out of the way... but since they're metal and already starting to rust... I'm thinking sitting water wouldn't be the greatest idea.  I figure one day when I'm down there and plan to be down there for a while, I'll put some vinegar in and tilt the pan so it gets the "bad spots" and scrub it... let it sit and scrub it some more and empty it before I go back up.  Cause they're not bad enough that I feel the need to take em outside and scrub em to death, but I will clearly need vinegar to get certain spots off -- spots that I know will come off with enough scrubbing.  But that's for another day.

But today... since the guy who has rats on hold is coming on Tuesday to pick up his rats, and wanted two port-hole hidey houses, I kinda had to start on those if I wanted them dry by Tuesday.  So, since I had some shelves that were removed from cages that sold either without shelves, or as ferret cages with plastic shelves, I removed the bolts and cut down those pieces to make the hidey houses.  Still need to cut another piece or two, cause my wood isn't wide enough for the top, so the top has to be two pieces.  But I have everything together except that last part of the "roof."  But everything else is glued and rubber-banded and drying.  So tomorrow I'll cut those last roof pieces and attach those, and the hidey houses will have an additional day to dry before their new owner comes for them.  

Let's see, what else... had one of the "regulars" email saying she needed some food (well, a few days ago), and I got it packaged up and she paid, so that should go out with tomorrow's stuff, if I remember to take it with me to work so I can take it to the post office on my lunch...

Had someone email about a house with a chin chiller on top, I emailed back asking for more details... I can give it a shot, once they get back to me, see how it turns out...

Also had someone email (again, few days ago, but I'm behind) about the rescue attending an adoption event at the Calumet City, IL Petco.  Not to be paranoid, but it was just from some random regular email, not like @ petco or anything and so I asked, how do I know you're really from Petco?  I tried to word it as nice as possible, cause if they really were, I didn't want to offend them or anything.  So I got an email back saying I could call Petco and talk to her on such and such days... so I think I will.  Granted, I believe that if she gave me the number and what times she'll be there, I imagine she really WILL be there when I call, but I'll call anyway...

Then... had someone inquire the other day about one of our smaller cages.  Asked if it'd fit a wheel and a hammock.  Definitely could fit a hammock, but a wheel would take up too much of the cage.  Didn't hear back for a few days, til today when I  got an email asking how much for the Marshall Mansion, with no shelves, shipped.  Yes, SHIPPED.  So I looked up the weight of the cage (60 lbs), figured out how big a box it'd likely take, added a few pounds on for packaging and all... the cage would cost her $100 without shelves, but another $65 to ship.  Holy shit that's a lot, right?  And this person is only in Chicago, so I told her, it'd likely be considerably cheaper for her to drive here and pick it up rather than for me to ship it to her.  And in all reality, even if she wanted to pay the $65.. that'd be hell to ship.

Well, that may actually be it.  Ok, nope, wrong.  Now that I'm completely out of the peppermint cookies (and not getting more, cause there's corn in them, high on the list -- the replacement is the apple & oat treats), I revised my "included in your treats & chews" list and made up some new goodie bags.  So now we'll have some for when chins get adopted out.  

OK, I really think that's it now.  Going to bed now. 

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