Wednesday, June 27, 2012


So, since I realized there's no pictures of our FN's up on the regular website... since it still shows the pictures of the old setup before we ever got any... thought I'd post them here, before they make it up on the website (and when they do, they'll all be fleece-lined, so they'll look different anyhow).

Our one and only CN... with like 36829036 broken bar repairs that we had to do when we got it, and still have had to repair some since we've been using it.  Fun times.  I would worry too much if the cage left, people'd be breaking bars left and right, heck, we even broke some more since it came.  But I think we've got the shelves placed ok now and bolted enough times.  Decent cage, I mean I like the FN's, so other than the breaking bars, it's good... since we're keeping it, I wish it could support a wheel..... but if it can't even do shelves very well... I just don't think it's a good idea.  Our first chin, Winx (yes, a male), lives in this pink mansion.  Notice how he managed to not be in EITHER picture... he may be just a little embarrassed with all the pink.

FN #1 - this cage currently houses Tallie (white ebony) and Lilly (black velvet).  Lilly is a rescue, Tallie is one of our retired breeder chins - both are going to their new home this weekend, and then the cage will be scrubbed and cleaned and made ready for fleece items... that is... if the person I put in this liner order with ever gets the done (*goes off the blogging for a sec, sends person email*).  My order was for leopard print try to match (halfway match anyway) that hammock I made up top... yeah I paid for my order on Feb. 26.  Still waiting.

FN #2 - this cage currently houses Willow, Jordyn, & Lexi (Willow apparently didn't want to be in either picture).  They came in with the CN, and we did have them housed in it for awhile... but... I fixed all the broken bars before I put them in... put them in... more and more broken bars... so now they're in an FN.  Same amount of space, but Winx breaks less bars (in fact, I don't think he's broken any lately).  Apparently three chins that tend to hang out on shelves together is too much weight for the CN.  But Winx is a smaller chin and there's only one of him, so... though that one CN shelf does get that diving-board wobble when he uses it as a spring  board.  So that's gonna probably break too one day... but at the moment we're ok.  I may just need to brace up that shelf with something.  These three chins are rescues, and have a home lined up... they just need to get back to me with a pickup date.  

For anyone who's like, man those cages don't have many toys... there are toys and perches hanging on the doors as well, you can't see them in the pics.

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