Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ordering is DONE! for now

So, I was home early enough today to call up Bass and order the pans.  Turns out, for two cutout FN pans and two custom pans, shipped, it was about $122.  Holy cow.  The funny part was that the lady didn't even tell me the total before hanging up.  Just thank you for your information, goodbye *click*.   Had to go onto my bank website to find the total.  Funny that.

Since two of the pans are for cages that we intend to sell, I hope there's an actual invoice in with the pans so I can see how much each one was... so when I'm figuring out the cost of the cages, I can accurately add in the new pans as part of that.

So, I emailed Jean (TJs) yesterday asking if she'd gotten my order questions that I'd facebook messaged her.  Well, she hadn't, and I know not everyone's as anal about checking email and facebook and all that as I am, so I emailed it to her.  On the list of stuff I wanted was three liners and two hammocks.  The email I got back was hilarious.  The general tone was "I don't want to sew it all, you sew it!"  Haha.  That's why I'm buying liners rather than making them - I don't want to sew them either! 

Weighed everyone today, everyone's doing good.  Lilly's up to around 1044 grams now.  Beached whale, I tell ya.  Pixie and Lacey (gp's) are also starting to look rounder, so we may have mini gp's in the future.  Still iffy on whether Ember's pregnant or not.  Still gaining, but lost a little (wouldn't hurt if I could keep the water bottle filled -- but this time it was their fault, they got it open and it all drained overnight), so we'll see how it goes.

As for Ember's kit - one of the people on my waiting list is on the list for a bv... and the person emails me periodically to check how things are going and to see if I've had any bv's born... well, we've only ever had one bv born here, so it's not like it's everyday.  Darn slow breeders.  But anyway, so she emailed me yesterday and asked how things were, and I told her that we had a kit for sale... not a bv kit, but I thought I'd let her know anyway, since I'd also talked to her father who'd told me that depending on the wait, they might go with something other than a bv.  So, apparently first the parents said maybe and changed that to a yes, so now the kit is on hold for them.  Still waiting on the adoption form from them, they asked me how they should get it to me, I emailed them back, so we'll see.

Did get the adoption forms for both people who have kits that will be soon ready to go.  The one looked good, the other one wrote they didn't know what type of food they feed, so I will be telling them about good brands vs. bad brands when I call them up to set up a date for pickup, but otherwise everything looked good.

Cleaned the runs today, cleaned the gp cage today.  Should have cleaned before garbage day instead of the day garbage was picked up, after the fact, but oh well. 

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