Thursday, June 21, 2012

In other news....

In other news today, cage #1 went to its new home. 

Here's the funny part.  I knew yesterday that cage 1 was sold, so I took it off the website and went through to the various other places I have the cages posted and took the picture of that cage down.  So then today, I get an email from someone saying they want cage 1.  Awesome, except... don't have cage 1.  But they linked to the craigslist ad, so I thought, ok, maybe I missed one.  I open the ad... there is no "cage 1" on the craigslist ad.  Wtf?  Maybe they saw it before it updated or something.

Then, Luigi (Dreamz' white male kit) went to his new home today.  So now poor Winx is all by his lonesome self again. 

Got paid for that huge order from yesterday, but had people here until about the time the post office closed, so I will need to mail that tomorrow. 

Got in our new chin-chillers.  They are GORGEOUS black granite.  Very pretty and very reflective.  They will be for sale for $5 once I get a picture up and get everything amended.

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