Friday, June 29, 2012

Not much luck today

So, went to Ace today to see if they had any more of those screws (for the FN).  Course, they didn't.  Finally convinced the guy I was talking to to actually put in an order for me, so he said someone will give me a call when the order comes in.  Hopefully, that'll be soon.

Then, I got another webstore order today, for a food bowl.  Packaged it up in a small box, with some of those air pocket things to keep it as light as possible.  Shipping ended up being $5.50.  My webstore charged her $2.50.  So the total for the entire order with shipping was $6.50 and $5.50 of that was shipping.  That food bowl cost me a lot more than the $1 I made on it!  Well, at least this alerted me to the fact that that food bowl needs a good sized hike in it's shipping on the webstore.  So for next time, I won't lose out so much money on shipping one item out.

On a happier note, the person coming to do a trial run with one of our chins came today.  Picked up the chin, food, cage, and all that, and we got it all loaded into her car.  So she's going to let me know how everything goes with the chin -- hopefully she won't be allergic with just the one.  Cause it's one thing to be at our place, with all the animals, and have an allergic reaction, versus to be at your own house with one extra animal.  So we'll see, she's going to let me know.

Haven't heard back from the people with the two prairie dogs.  Considering they'd said that they'd hope to hear from me soon, I would have thought I would have heard back, but I guess not.  When that kind of thing happens, it makes me wonder what happens to the pet.  Like probably only 20% of the people who email/call asking us to take in the pet actually bring over their pet.  So what about the other 80%?  Do they sell the pet?  Do they decide to keep the pet?  Who knows. 

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