Sunday, June 17, 2012

...few more things about the previous post...

So, they adopted April 4.  Here it is, July 16.  Barely 2 months.  Oy. 

Best part - the ad says that "dad" brought the chins home without asking "mom" about it, and "mom" does not want to clean any more cages.  Um, excuse me, there are TWO grown children living in this household.  Both over 18.  And mom and dad.  Why should mom get stuck cleaning the cage, if dad and the kids were the ones that wanted the chins?  See, this is why chins get rehomed.  No communication among the family, and everyone expecting someone else to do the work.  I could see if these were like 6 year olds expecting "mom" to clean the cage, but two adult children AND dad get the chins and think that mom's gonna clean the cage?  For their pet?  Really? 

And I used to think that when we adopt out to families with kids where the kids mainly want the pets, those homes would be the problems.  But those usually end up working out fine, cause the parents are on board and understand the kid can't do everything.  Yet this here is adults.  Oy.

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