Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Alrighty, so.

Today wasn't particularly an interesting day in the chin world.  Was busy most of the day with a family member's health issue, but when I got home...

Went through my emails.  Somehow I think the days I can't have my phone on me all day (like hospitals) is the day everyone emails all at once.  So I got home, had an email from one of our recent rat adoptions about how she'd needed to take the rats in to the vet and was asking for reimbursement (7 day health guarantee).  Responded to that.

Also had an email from someone asking about surrendering chins, two chins she said, so I emailed her back. 

Received payment for the one order on CnH.  It was a hidey house, two used water bottles, and a 20" shelf -- so I printed out her invoice and later packaged up her order.

Got another email from this one person who said she was interested in one of our x-dark eb babies.  She sent the adoption form, which looked good except for the fact that she marked that babies under 6 months could have treats.  They can't.  Or, well, they shouldn't.  It can slow their growth as they would be getting junk food calories versus nutrients and all that.  Well... in theory.  See, everything is ok in moderation.  But... so many people don't understand the concept that it's better to say, just don't give any treats until after 6 months.  So anyway, I told her bout that and told her she was set to get one of them.  Currently, the one weighs like 240 but the other only is like 170 or 180.... so I told her, depending on how quickly she wants to pick them up (which she won't be able to yet, but when they are ready), told her that if she wants on quicker, and they're both not yet 250 at the point they're ready, she will have to go with the bigger one, but if she is willing to wait a bit longer (which may not be longer at all, if the little one catches up in the next 1-2 weeks), then she can pick.  So we'll see what she says.  So far, no interest in the other x-dark.

Oh, yesterday, I posted more pics of the rats for adoption as well as more pics of the x-dark ebs.  Cuter pics, I think and updated.

Then I got an email from the rat rescue that we deal with, wanting to know if we could take in two chins.  Which we can, we have several empty cages right now.  So we'll see how that goes. 

So, I put together another order that we had, so I have those two packages to mail tomorrow, and then I have an envelope -- got the adoption form, care packet, and letter all put together and ready to mail to the person who wanted the form mailed to them.  I do hope I hear back.  We will see.

Oh, and I finally completed our donations box.  I was waiting for the paint on the letters to dry so they could be glued on.  So, I had several suggestion to stain it, but I purposely went and found a pine board that I felt was particularly vibrant in its striations (most true-to-life color in 2nd pic) so that there'd be a nicer look than just the normal flat-beige pine.  The hole on top is definitely big enough to stick a hand through, but I hinged the top anyway.  The blue on the letters is actually a turquoise blue, it's looking a bit off in the pics due to the flash.   


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