Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ugh, people.

So, wonderful morning, my person interested in Delilah emailed me:

Hi ashley!
Sorry to not realize this sooner--this chilly morning, without the heat on, and two windows open, my condo was 76 degrees. I think my condo is too hot to be a good home for a chinchilla. :( sorry for all the trouble you've gone through. At least you taught me a lot about chinchillas! :) I was pretty excited about it. Maybe if you have any guinea pig rescues, I could help with that.

I swear my tolerance for idiocy is wearing thinner by the day.  I emailed back:

On your adoption form, you mentioned you have air conditioning.  All you need to do to keep the condo cool enough for the chinchilla is to make sure it's on and set low enough to be comfy for a chin.

If the lowest it ever gets in the condo is 76, that would be much too hot for a guinea pig as well.

People frustrate me.  I acknowledge that 72 isn't exactly a high number, in terms of temperature, but why do people think I ask if they have air conditioning?  It isn't to check if they live in a slum or a fancy condo, it's because air conditioning is required for a chinchilla.  I mean, is it really that hard to turn on the air and turn it down to the required temperature for a chinchilla?  We don't have our air running 24/7, and the chin area usually stays 73 and below. 

I mean, she said she had air.  Is it that much to ask for her to, I dunno, turn it on?

For once, this hasn't dragged out too long -- the first email from this person was on the 10th, so it's not like I had this chin on hold for her for months, but it just frustrates me, cause I already had stuff put aside for her -- and more importantly, I had stuff put aside for her from our "used" list, and for some stupid reason, I had already deleted that stuff from the website.  So, now I get to put all that stuff back up on the sale list and the website, cause she didn't check her temperature. 

We'll see if I get an email back. 

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