Thursday, September 6, 2012

Phone call

So I get a phone call today from someone inquiring about chin supplies.  After playing phone tag for awhile, I finally got ahold of her.  She wanted a chinchilla wheel, and I explained that the wheels we have, even though they're 12", are too small for chins and will curve their spine.  So she asked about water bottles, and I said that we had some used ones and some glass new ones.  And so she wanted to know how the glass ones hooked on, and I told her.  Then she asked me if I had any plastic igloos for chinchillas.  So I told her, plastic is bad for chins, you should really get a wooden hidey house, and I said that we had some of those if she was interested.  Then she asks if I have one of those plastic dust bath houses, and I explain that we don't have any of the houses (which I now realize, yes, we do, we have one purple one), but I tell her we have this dust house that IS a dust house, it's just not the house-shaped one.

So, then she asks why I have all this stuff for sale and I explain, we're a chin rescue, so we sell the stuff we use and the stuff and so on so forth.  So she wants to ask me a question -- tells me she just got two 3 month old chins, and male and a female.  They get along fine (well of course), but she's worried about the male getting the female pregnant, and she wanted to know if that would be problematic if she did get pregnant.  So I told her it would be, and I told her that we had some 5 month old females come in that were pregnant, the one died, the one ended up having to undergo a spay, died later, and these were chins that were 2 months older when they got pregnant, than her female.  And so she was like "oh," and I told her, normally you'd put chins together for breeding when they're a year old, not 3 months. 

So, of course, she said she'd decide if she wanted the stuff from us, and if she did, she'd call me back.  I'm sure I'll never hear from her.

But this is a perfect example of why people shouldn't get pets from the pet store -- they have no idea what supplies to get, what's safe or not, when to put chinchillas together (although, pet store chins should never be put together).  I bet you those chinchillas are getting gobs of raisins, the wrong type of food, and everything.  It's too bad not everyone does their research ahead of getting the pets, throwing them together, and hoping for the best.  That female could literally die if she gets pregnant.  While the lady must have thought that her getting pregnant at that age probably wasn't ideal, cause she did ask if there would be problems, the whole thing could have been solved by, oh, I dunno... NOT putting a male and female together at 3 months.

/end rant.

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