Monday, September 17, 2012

Few things to start off the day

Haven't even really gotten going today yet, but did a few things.  First, gave Shiloh a bath with my mom's help.  He was really starting to reek of that musky smell, so we figured, hey, give him a bath.  Well.... if I recall, he was given baths at his previous home, but he apparently didn't like it there either.  But.... through struggling and all, he was given a bath and now we have a sparkly clean prairie dog.

On a sad note, Ally (little tot) passed in the early hours of the morning today.  Could tell last night that she wasn't doing well, and I put her in the bed she loved so much.  This morning, went down to find Lola cuddling with her, but she was gone.  Put her up on our Rainbow Bridge page -->

And so far, that's it.  Not a ton accomplished yet, but the day's still early.

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