Saturday, September 29, 2012


Just going to post something short before I call it a really early night.

Finished cutting the holes for the remaining hidey houses, motorhomes, and all that.  Put together two hidey houses, and almost finished a third, but it needs some work cause I used the wrong sides with the front and back.  Realized I had no dowels to attach the headlights and wheels to the chinny motorhome and chinny mobile, so I went to Meijer to get them.

But of course, couldn't just go to Meijer for that.  So, I try to not overspend rescue money, so my dad mentioned that cheerios were on sale, and now, I keep my cheerio (and other rat-food-related) coupons in my wallet so I have them with me should I find myself at Meijer.  So, I looked at all of those and so the cheerios were 2 for $5 for the medium box.  I figured out per ounce, it was 20 cents for the med. box (with the sale price) and 21 cents per ounce for the large, so I figured, I'd get some medium boxes.  So, I looked, I had three coupons for $1 off two boxes.  So, that should have been $15 for 6 boxes.  But, with my coupons it came down to $12.  But then!  I had a Meijer coupon for $1.50 off the purchase of four boxes.  So it brought it down to $10.50 for 6 boxes, which works out to 11-12 cents per ounce.  Awesome.  As I pause after typing that, I feel like I'm heading toward being on extreme couponing.  Lol.  But anyway, great deal.  Picked up those, a box of Total (had a 75c coupon), and picked up my dowels.

I'm tired, so I will be going to bed, but two things first.  One of our remaining 3 baby mice (the 9 week olds) went to his new home today.  She brought her rat, Reggie, here to see if they'd get along.  Which they did, so she decided to take him home.  Pic (sorry it's blurry -- normally I check the pic before people put the rat down, but apparently not today):

Second good thing of the day - Shimmy delivered!  A healthy 53 gram baby mosaic female.  

Aww look, Shimmy's smiling.

Still a bit wet... I always miss it by a little bit

pretty girl
Last time Shimmy had a kit, she had a white male.  The male hopped into the run and went into another female's cage... and died.  I don't know what happened to him -- I don't think Dreamz killed him, she's crabby but not murderous (most adults won't hurt a baby), I think maybe he just couldn't get back to Shimmy and died due to lack of milk and all that.  So usually I leave the run open for around 3 days after birth (for the possibility of breedback) and then close it.  Going to keep a super close eye on this girl, so we don't have a repeat of last time. 

Can't wait to see what she looks like as she gets older...  Nice white belly and cute markings.  :D

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