Thursday, September 20, 2012


Ok, so I can't say I accomplished toooo much today.

I did clean up the basement a bit, cleaned the guinea pig cages.  Put Pixie back in with Lacey and Truffles, and gave them a different hidey house to chew on while I scrub down their other one.

I moved one of the QC's onto the table it's going to stay on, and I put in the poo-guards.  Also added a wooden tube to that cage and a few more toys.  So that cage is almost done, except for the pan, which needs a good scrubbing.  *adds to tomorrow's list -- scrub cage pan*

Went through some more stuff that was sitting on the side waiting to be decided, for sale, not for sale.  Had two large "frog" type cages... one with a wrecked top that was taped to all hell.  Threw it away.  Well, destroyed it and threw it away so we don't get trash pickers opening our bags of shavings.  The other one, we're keeping.  Then, found two "cricket keepers."  Not like I really think we're going to get any more frogs, but if I'm keeping one of the larger "frog" cages, I sure better keep a cricket keeper.  But I took a pic of the other one so it will be up for sale.  Have lids for 10g tanks galore, so those are now behind the rolling food storage.

Oh!  A week or so ago, I don't know if anyone who's been here remembers, but my chin-food rolling container... if you lifted it up, a wheel would fall off.  Well, that was becoming an utter pain in the ass (especially now, with the redoing the setup, cause there are cords everywhere), and so I finally dug out the epoxy and glued the thing in place... it's fine now.  The question is... why did I wait like 5 years to glue it? 

Anyway, so I had on my list to make that halloween-colored blanket out of the same material that I used last year to make hammocks.  And see, if I make a list, I stick to it pretty decently, so...

....don't hate cause I have it and you don't.  I tried to find the fabric again last year, when everyone went nuts and wanted it, but apparently I wasn't the only one trying to hunt it down cause I never saw it again.  And sorry, but those of ya'll who knew I had more for the blanket and asked me to cut a 15" strip off of it to make more hammocks -- it's my blanket, shoo.

And this year, I did get one halloween print in fleece, but other than the one I got, they had black with orange polka dots and that was it.  Like nothing "pretty" like the one above, or like I had a nice one with skulls and spiderwebs last year.  There was like NO selection this year, and I was definitely there early enough.  This is what I got (will be up on the site and webstore tonight... but will take a few days for me to get around to sew em if someone wants).

I was on facebook today (as everyday) -- saw this and thought it was so "me."

Ok.  So I took pics of some more of the used stuff, going to work on getting that up on the site and the supply list tonight.  Also cleaned the cage that housed our hospice chins (er, chin now) and, as that's going to be "for sale" cage, moved Lola to a different cage and moved the other cage to the area where I'm working on the sale cages. 

Cleaned out the hamper that someone left here a bit ago, and put it by my "wash" pile.  Put all the fleece to-be-washed in it.  It looks organized now.  Well, that "section" of the to-be-washed pile, anyway.

Didn't get as much done as I'd like, cause I had to work on this weeks' project for class.  But tomorrow, here's hoping I get a tad more done.  Got an order from someone on CnH, so though I can't finish it quite yet, I can at least get started on it.

Had someone from CnH email me about a custom house a bit ago, and she wanted the hole 3" high on a house that was a total of 7" high.  Emailed her back and asked if she realized that meant the hole would be like at the very top of the piece of wood... never heard back.  So I'm gonna email her again and see what's up with that, if she still wants me to build the house or what.  She wanted a shipping quote, but I can't give an accurate one until I actually build the house, and I don't want to do it until she's positive about what she wants.

Then, I haven't heard back from the people who had been inquiring about Posh, and 5 days is tomorrow, Friday, so she will be getting an email asking where the status of all of this is.  Cause here's the thing.  If I have a zillion chins for adoption, I don't mind if one sits here for awhile, and I mind even less if I'm pretty positive that the person who it's on hold for is actually going to come get it.  But lately, what's been happening is that all these chins are on hold.. and then the person who has them on hold decides they can't get them, the people behind them in line all back out, and the chin's available to the general public again.  Which is fine, but in effect, it's like starting over, cause if I've had a lot of interest, I've likely taken down every ad except the one on my website, which I have to then put back up, AND, even though the chin has remained on my website, if people see it as "on hold" the majority of people are not going to email me and say "hey, if they don't get her, let me know."  In fact, almost 99% of the time, the way we get people as backups are that they ask about the chin BEFORE I've had a chance to put it on hold, and I tell them, hey, it's on hold, but I can let you know if they don't get it, which a lot of people agree to.  But anyone coming to the site would see, hey, no chins available, and would move on.  Which is just frustrating when people have a chin on hold for awhile and then don't get it.  If they have it on hold for awhile and get it, well, no harm no foul, cause all I had to do was feed it a little longer.   But when they don't get it, especially the ones that drag it out and drag it out and drag it out... ugh.

So then, I have someone coming tomorrow for our fawn female.  They expressed interest in our fawn hooded male as well, and are looking at another cage for him, so I have my fingers crossed that they get him.  He was so small when he came here and now he's a freakin cow.  He's just a big rat, he's not fat, just a regular male, but he's definitely grown to adult size while he's been here.  I hope they get him, he's been here since like May, so it'd be nice if he went to a loving home where he could get some additional attention.

Well, I think that might be it for today.  I'm gonna work on adding the used items where they go, adding the hammock, and balancing the chin account if my bank decides to cooperate. 

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