Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The rest of today....

So, the day didn't get any worse, thankfully.  Went to Joann's and picked up some wooden letters to spell out Donations on our donations box.  Already had the paint at home, a gorgeous turquoise, but I couldn't find my foam brush that I used to use with paint, so I found that Joann's had those for 39cents each.  Ok, so I could totally afford a new one.  So I painted those letters, and I painted the letters for the rat stack, the letters are drying at the moment.

I know I said before that the letters were going to stand up from the top of the house, but upon further thought, this house is going to be sitting on a table, likely at table-height, and people are going to be standing looking down.  So, it might be a tad hard to read with vertical letters.  So I think the letters are going to be simply glued directly to the top of the hidey house.  I'll post a pic of the donations box when it's all done, it's looking good so far.

So, I went down to give the guinea pigs their greens, and I noticed my fridge wouldn't close.  Turns out, the freezer part had iced up so bad that it was preventing the freezer door from closing, which prevented the fridge door from closing.  *sigh*  So I hauled all of the veggies upstairs and turned the fridge off so it can de-thaw.  And my genius self, I put a pan to catch the drips, but I forgot about it for a few hours, so now the stand that the fridge is sitting on (which is wood, might I add) is soaking wet, as the melted ice /water poured out of the pan and out of the fridge onto the stand.  So currently, the fridge is sitting on the floor so the icebox can totally dethaw and we can start this over.  I told my mom about this, and she mentioned that I had a problem with this in college, which is why we ended up buying me a larger fridge (which we do not currently have the room for by the rescue stuff... and I don't know where it is).  Well, having heard her said that, now I do remember that I always did have a problem with the fridge icing up and me having to dethaw it pretty regularly.  Ah well, still less of a pain than going upstairs every day several times a day to get the veggies.  I need to go check on that before I go to bed.

Oh, so last time I was at Munster Animal Hospital, I was looking at their decals.  Got one that said "peace love rescue" and so I thought that would be perfect for the fridge, so I bought that and took it home and put it on.  So here it is:

So, I packaged up everything for the order from CnH and PM'd her with her total for everything.  Shipping is not all that much less than the entire order, so we will see if she wants it after all.

Then, was going to get an order ready for someone who'd paid through the webstore, and I realized that I didn't know which toy they wanted (they bought one of the value packs, which comes with a toy), so I emailed them and asked them.  They got back to me right away, so I'll likely get that put together tomorrow.
Finished shelving cage 31 and posted it and the pic of it up on the website.  

Took some more pics of our 9 week old rats, as well as more pics of our x-dark eb chinchillas.  Put those up on the various ads and on our website.  And that's going to be it for today.  

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