Sunday, September 2, 2012

The more people I deal with, the more I like my rescues.

So, the two female rats were adopted by the guy who came here today to look at them.  So, that other home who'd basically told me that they could "beat him here," was texted and I told her that they were adopted and asked if she was interested in any other rats.  Of course she wasn't.  Cause, you know, those two rats were the only two rats that were just perfect for her family.  I mean, yeah, the other rats look different and all, but they also asked about Buddy and Juno.  Why even ask if they weren't interested?  I mean the difference in age was 5-6 months versus 7-8 months, and male vs. female.  Buddy and Juno are even the BETTER pair of rats, though, I'm not sure I'd want them going to a home that cares more about beating the other homes here to get them.

Then, I had someone email about the baby rats, asking if we had any females left.  I thought I had changed all the ads, but I somehow forgot to change the PetFinder ad.  Actually, I'm banking my money on the "I changed it, but their site is ridiculously slow with updates, so it didn't appear changed."  Anyway, I emailed her within a few minutes, and said no, we're out of females, but we have males, and we have new babies that will be ready in a few weeks, blah blah blah.  Got a email like 5 minutes later saying she went to the humane society and got her some rats from there.  Really?  So, unless she lived like across the street, she literally had to like email me, go to the humane society, adopt the rats, and come back.  Cause I kid you not, all the emails were within 20 minutes of each other.  So asking her to wait 4 weeks for babies?  Heck, she couldn't wait 20 minutes for a return email.

Now, here's the odd one out.  Got an email asking if we adopted out Elena and Tseng, as the are no longer listed on our page.  Now..... do those rings name a bell?  No?  Are you sure?  Good, cause they shouldn't.  In the 9-10 years we've been doing this, we have never had an Elena or Tseng here.  I nicely emailed her back saying she must have the wrong rescue, but that we do have chins available if she's interested.

Ok, so remember how I was saying that rat guy has til the 4th to come adopt or put a deposit on the blue males?  Well, it's the second today, and I got an email from him saying "I will try Monday to stop by and see the little blue boys."  Gee, thanks for the specificity.  Ok, so, I probably told him that I expected to be home a lot of Monday, but people -- if I tell you that, that doesn't mean I'm going to sit home for 24 hours straight so you can pick and choose a time to come show up to see the pets.  This is not a pet store, we don't have "hours."  I say I'll be home all day so that you can pick a time, and I can make sure that I am home at that time that you have picked.  Other than that, even though I have said I "should be home most of the day," that does not guarantee I will be home if you show up at any time other than your specified time. 

So, I emailed him back saying that I don't expect to be home all day, so I need to know when he'd like to come.  I told him that I have someone coming at 5:30, so he can't come 4:30-6:30 (well, he could come 6:30, but the point is, he can't come at the same time as them -- that's how we had that chin stolen last time was that he un-knowingly distracted me while those people were stealing the chin.  Not this guy's fault, he was showing me an injury on one of my rats, but it just happened to be at the point when the cage was being opened, and he made me turn around.  So... nothing against him... but I am making my best sure that we don't have multiple people here at the same time, regardless of who they are.

So, I just got an email from him -- "maybe around 7."  Maybe??  I told him I'd mark him down, but I reiterated that if he doesn't show up tomorrow or Tuesday, the rats are back up for adoption.  I'm getting less and less patient with people with time.  Holds are max of two weeks with no deposit.  After that, you're shit outta luck, because most places won't hold AT ALL without a deposit.  It's one thing if the chin isn't ready to go -- sometimes we have people who want to be notified when the chin's ready to go, so I won't post the chin until I talk to them, but these are rats that other people HAVE WANTED and I have hung onto and this guy has dragged his feet for almost two weeks now, after he decided to not adopt Buddy and Juno because he wanted these more, and in short, he's pissing me off.  I marked him down.  We'll see if he shows up tomorrow.  

On a positive note -- we have someone interested in Ember, the person coming tomorrow night is coming to pick out rats (I don't think they specified male/female, just wanted same-sex pair so we'll see who they take -- I may try to push an adult pair), and then I just had someone else email about the babies.  Yay.

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