Monday, September 10, 2012

Been doing a lot lately...

So, been doing a lot lately.  Posting?  Not so much.  So to catch up...

We are now down to one adult rat, the fawn & white male, as well as Gumdrop, four of her original babies, and 10 new babies. 

As for chins, our mosaic male kit (Lilly's kit) is going to be going home along with our 3ish month old extra dark ebony boy, they will be going home with Kelly.  She wants the pan of her cage powdercoated, so I will be taking that in when I go to pick up my pans (likely tomorrow).  And her order is a huge order, like almost $600, so it'll take some tome.  Most of that is the chins, she has $325 in chins and then the cage with shelves (it's #17 on my page) is $170, and then just some other supplies.  So I need to get started on that.

Still have an order from August, so I am going to go downstairs and pack that up and try to get that out today.  It's like "order time" right now or something, got several in the last few days.  So Meredith was over here today, sanding down some wood pieces, while I cut out the pieces for some cottage hidey houses.  That's our most popular hidey house, I believe, and it's like we have I think at least four on order, and I have  none made.  So I cut out three of those and she worked on sanding stuff, so that was helpful.  Need to put those together... 

So, been moving MORE stuff around in the basement, got our one "wall" done with the new cages and new setup.  Well, almost, the one cage has nothing in it, no fleece, no shelves, no nothing, and the pans for that cage are the ones I need to pick up from the powdercoating place tomorrow... but there's no reason (short of I-need-to-do-these-orders that that cage can't be finished soon).  And then, Shiloh's cage was completely cleaned and moved against that wall.  The QC Mansion is still pulled forward on another table.  I'm still debating about actually taking out all the shelves to clean them, but it does appear that I will at least need to loosen the bolts so that I can get all the poos and crud that have wedged themselves between the shelf and the cage out.  Then, just need to clean the shelves, install poo guards, and that cage can go on that wall as well.  And that will complete the back wall. 

I made the stand for the new guinea pig cage.  Like the last one, it didn't want to cooperate, and so one caster had to be propped lower than the rest to even out the table.

Came up with some new toy ideas with Meredith, will have to see how those pan out when we actually try them. 

Let's see, what else have I been doing.  Oh!  I went through just about everything we own downstairs and decided what we're keeping versus selling.  Been adding the "used" stuff to both our Word doc Supplies for Sale as well as to the webstore.  So if anyone needs any extra food bowls or water bottles or some odd stuff like wheels for rats/gerbils/etc, there's stuff up there.  And there will be more stuff, as I get to cleaning more of the stuff and get it all listed.  I will not be sad to see this stuff go, I never quite realized just how much junk we have that we don't use!  I mean, some stuff we're hanging onto, like I have my stuff for Aries's (hamster) playtime, and I have the litter pans for the rabbits, and some igloos for the guinea pigs and all that... but definitely lightening the load for the stuff that we really don't need.  So now it's mostly just like washing stuff and getting it ready and all.  Fun fun. 

Oh and I cleaned off the table where Aries' cage is, so I will have the room to use it as my work-table again.  And now that the guinea pig cage is off of the floor (it was under the work table) I will actually be able to pull a chair up to the table and do things!  I know, amazing.

I still need to work on the liners for the guinea pig cage, so they're not set to go in it yet (it is divided, Pixie will have her own section), but soon.

Well, I sent the table pics from my phone to my email, and it's taking forever, so I'll post later with an update of what else has gotten done, along with the table pics.

Toodles for now.

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